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Education means future – we are looking for your ideas!

Education means future

There is hardly any other topic that is discussed as much and as passionately as education. It is the basis for a free and self-determined life and the chance for social advancement. But especially in socially deprived areas in the Ruhr area, it presents children, parents and teachers with great challenges. But how can children and young people from socially disadvantaged families in particular be supported in education and how can their entry into working life work out? We are looking for your ideas!

How we support

We award €20,000 to up to five projects that aim at improving access to education for socially disadvantaged children and young people and/or to providing more equal opportunities for career starters. But for us, there is more to it than that. Together with you, we want to make your ideas and concepts ready for implementation, collaborate and share your excitement as to whether everything works out as planned and, if necessary, go two steps backwards so that we can move forward again.

We place high demands on the quality of our work and want our projects to be effective and sustainable. We are also committed to this demand in the collaboration with our project partners. This collaboration is characterized by a high level of trust and responsibility. In this context it is our concern to support you in all phases of the project work when and where possible and required.

Every project starts with a good idea and a concrete plan that you summarize in a project proposal in which you define your objectives, target groups and the planned effect of your project. If required, we will be happy to support you in putting your idea into more concrete terms and transferring it to the project proposal. Your project application can be submitted to us at any time. We will then examine whether the project idea is compatible with our funding objectives and whether the legal requirements, for example with regard to the non-profit status of the project, are fulfilled. With the help of this proposal we will prepare the documents, which we will then forward to the responsible decision-making body.

This jury consisting of company representatives of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG will decide on the basis of uniform criteria which projects have aroused our interest and will be invited for a personal presentation in the next round. If we opt for your project, then our cooperation will be regulated in a grant agreement, which contains the grant amount as well as the exact duration of your project.

We will name you a permanent contact person at the latest once the grant concluded has been concluded. You will work together with this project manager during the entire project period. Depending on the project and its duration you will regularly exchange information with him or her about the progress of the project, current developments and challenges that may have arisen. We must also discuss and agree on fundamental changes in the project: for example, if additional costs arise, the funds are to be used differently or if your project takes more time than originally planned.

At the end of the project we will take stock: Were the pre-defined objectives of your project achieved? What changes did the project bring about? What went well and where is there still room for improvement? The completion of the project provides you with the opportunity to reflect on and record your own experiences and findings. At the same time, we use this feedback to continuously improve our own work.

The criteria in a nutshell

  • Innovative and creative: We are looking for ideas that are new, that broaden the horizon or look to the future.
  • Local: Your idea supports people around our locations, also across locations.
  • Social interaction: Your idea is based on the concept of social interaction: Describe to us how your concept can grow locally and how it can be shared and made great with others.
  • Project reference: Your idea can be clearly defined, with everything that belongs to it – including the organization. But that also means that a project is over at some point. Unfortunately, we cannot award any institutional funding.

Your proposal

You have a great idea how to "give children and young people from socially disadvantaged families access to education" or already have a clear idea of a project?

Then submit your proposal!

You can apply as a group or voluntary initiative, association, school, day-care center or organization, respectively. Prerequisite is that you are involved in the communities around our thyssenkrupp Steel Europe locations and that your idea has a concrete benefit for the people in the location environment.

It's very simple: Fill out our application form, describe your project plans – and off you go.

We look forward to receive your proposal! Please send it to the following e-mail address: [email protected] by the deadline of June 19, 2019.

If you need further information please contact us at any time under phone no.: + 49 (0)203-5247214/e-mail: [email protected]

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