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Cutting-edge invention

thyssenkrupp developed a patented specialty steel for Jäkel, a manufacturer of blades for machinery.

Steady brakes Customer portrait

Steady brakes

How TI Automotive looks after our safety

Emaille-Geschirr von Riess Customer portrait

Nostalgic kitchen aids

In Mostviertel, the southwestern quarter of Lower Austria, Riess is producing its ninth generation of enameled pots for cooking and baking.

A library with a patina Practical insight

A library with a patina

A sign of transience: A library building in Switzerland has been covered with thyssenkrupp’s weatherproof patinax® construction steel.

Engineering at thyssenkrupp: Working with an innovative spirit Technology report

Working with an innovative spirit

engineering. tomorrow. together. Engineering is key to making thyssenkrupp’s brand promise a reality. The best way to understand what ‘engineering’ means for us and our customers is to take a look at the work of our engineers.

Moving away from paper Innovations

Moving away from paper

In thyssenkrupp’s Steel division, digitization has been underway for years – it started with SteelOnline. Today, all customers can manage their business dealings quickly and directly.

Invest now, save later Innovations

Invest now, save later

Resource conservation is a crucial consideration in the business world. thyssenkrupp’s Steel division has many years of experience in this area, and we would like to share our expertise.

BMW uses ZM Ecoprotect® from thyssenkrupp Technology report

Ideal protection, easy processing

BMW is the first car manufacturer to use ZM Ecoprotect® from thyssenkrupp’s Steel division in series production – in the MINI’s outer paneling.

An all-round success Customer portrait

An all-round success

Since the 1950s, Signode has developed and manufactured strapping bands made of steel and plastic for various sectors, including the steel industry.

The binding element Innovations

The binding element

It is a high-strength material, yet in the event of a crash it absorbs the energy generated upon impact. thyssenkrupp Steel presents tribond®, an all-new steel composite for hot forming. Car manufacturers should take note.

Made in Germany Practical insight

Made in Germany

Produced locally, delivered globally: Special steel from thyssenkrupp Steel is a giant leap for innovation in many sectors.

Thinking outside-the-box for precision steel Customer portrait

Thinking outside-the-box for precision steel

Experts at the Swiss Jansen Group and Steel Europe meet to discuss their outside-the-the box ideas for winning over new markets.

Interview with Marc S. Tenbieg Expert knowledge

„Time to internationalize!”

While the German Mittelstand enjoys an excellent reputation the world around, competition at home continues to grow. Marc S. Tenbieg, Managing Director of the German Association for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (DMB), recommends increasing trade in export.

Great new products Customer portrait

Great new products

We team up with large (family-owned) companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses to support them in developing new products. Tag along with our customer service representatives as they head out to meet clients.

Take our quiz to test your knowledge! Quiz

Compact quiz – Family-owned companies and SMBs

What are the largest and oldest German companies, and where are they headquartered?

Take our quiz to test your knowledge!

Customer portrait

Long-term success

The Winkelmann Group is one of the leading companies in the metal forming industry. Long-term thinking and planning while remaining innovative and flexible is all in a day’s work for the family-owned company.

Portrait: Familienunternehmen Welser Customer portrait

A global profile

Welser, a family-owned company, produces steel profiles for the construction, automotive, and environmental sectors. thyssenkrupp Steel Europe has supplied the bulk of the flat steel for these for three decades.

Improved field of vision finally Innovations

Improved field of vision finally

The InCar®plus ‘Thin A-pillar’ project from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe delivers better visibility.

High-profile family Customer portrait

High-profile family

For seven decades, Wurzer has produced steel profiles for roofs, walls, and facades. Just like his father, Georg Wurzer relies on materials from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe.

New start on the Bosphorus Practical insight

New start on the Bosphorus

Turkey is booming, offering plenty of promising business opportunities for thyssenkrupp Steel Europe and its customers.

We are becoming a brand Expert knowledge

We are becoming a brand

In Turkey, business confidence is growing alongside the economy itself. Korhan Demirci, Head of Strategic Purchasing at Turkish truck manufacturer Tirsan, explains what that means for the collaboration with Steel Europe.

Not here yet there Practical insight

Not here yet there

Companies that wish to tap into foreign markets have to have an understanding of the local market, cultural sensitivity, and a local presence – or a solid collaboration with a representative like the employees in Heavy Plate.

Bottrop’s sparkling new star Practical insight

Bottrop’s sparkling new star

From wallflower to eyecatcher: This building is turning heads on the streets of downtown Bottrop thanks to its new and improved facade elements made from pladur® Relief Icecrystal.

A growing business: hot forming Customer portrait

A growing business: hot forming

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe shares its expertise and is rewarded for its efforts, for example in customer Gedia’s transition to hot forming in its production process.

Kuniberg vocational school Practical insight

Renovation of Kuniberg vocational school

The local press, the student newspaper, neighbors – everyone’s talking about the successful interior and exterior renovation of Kuniberg vocational school. At the center of all the attention is the school’s new facade, with panels made of pladur® organic coated steel from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe.

If you sow wind, you shall reap power Practical insight

If you sow wind, you shall reap power

Innovative steel products such as non-oriented electrical steel are helping to make wind turbines more efficient – and they go easy on natural resources.

Universal stowage space Customer portrait

Universal stowage space

From retail stores to mail-order companies – no matter how big or small the stock room or warehouse, everything needs to be in place. Meta shelving systems help to keep things tidy.

Housings for everything Customer portrait

Housings for everything

What makes metal housings from Saxony such a cool product? Marvin Michel, Managing Director of CooolCase in Dresden, has the story.

Business creates business Expert knowledge

Traveling by water

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe sends its steel products to the port of Antwerp to be shipped out all over the world. The company’s location on the Rhine is certainly a logistical boon.

Special steel products for liquid gas tanks Customer portrait

Special steel products for liquid gas tanks

Liquid gas transportation is booming – and with it the demand for modern tankers. TGE Marine Gas Engineering is one of the world’s market leaders in this sector of the shipbuilding industry – and the company uses cryogenic nickel steels from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe.

Steel from Duisburg makes design history Customer portrait

Steel from Duisburg makes design history

Mauser has been producing steel pipe and modular furniture since the nineteen twenties, and many of its products are considered classics.

pladur® makes life colorful Practical insight

pladur® makes life colorful

Organically coated steel sheet transforms humdrum walls into colorful facades and turns monochromatic surfaces into exciting designs.

Like knocking on wood: pladur® Relief Wood Practical insight

Like knocking on wood: pladur® Relief Wood

First impressions count – and that’s what swayed MOST Mobile in favor of pladur® Relief Wood.

MultiBond in the kitchen – New cutting patterns Practical insight

MultiBond in the kitchen – New cutting patterns

The technology for producing Damascus steel has been around for 2,500 years. In ancient times, it was used to forge blades of extraordinary strength and sharpness.

Megacities – Traffic moves into the third dimension Innovations

Megacities – Traffic moves into the third dimension

Over the next 15 years two thirds of the world’s population will live in metropolitan regions. City planners must create an infrastructure concept to match – and InnoCity could be the solution.

“Knowledge creates ideas. Industry creates solutions.” Expert knowledge

“Knowledge creates ideas. Industry creates solutions.”

Hans Jürgen Kerkhoff, President of the German Steel Federation (WV Stahl), and Matthias Kleiner, President of the Leibniz Association, spoke about the significance of research and the economy for our society.

Open the door Customer portrait

Open the door

Garage door specialist Hörmann has purchased over two million metric tons of steel from Steel Europe to date.

Purchase in Belgium Practical insight

Purchase in Belgium

The purchase of a Steel Service Center expands thyssenkrupp Steel’s product portfolio in the Port of Antwerp.

“We offer customers the perfect solution.” Expert knowledge

“We offer customers the perfect solution.”

InCar® plus is a forward-thinking, all-round package for the automotive industry.

Car of the future Innovations

Car of the future

With its InCar® plus development project, thyssenkrupp presents over 40 new drive, chassis and steering control and body technology.

Pretty long friends Customer portrait

Pretty long friends

A parade of giants: The lattice boom, crawler, telescope, and mobile cranes extend into the sky, in some cases even 50 meters high.

Wind power from Bavaria for Löw’s World Cup team Customer portrait

Wind power from Bavaria for Löw’s World Cup team

Power for Schweinsteiger and his teammates: Specialized wind turbines from Europoles ensured that the German quarters always had enough power at the World Cup in Brazil.

“We see the automotive industry as driving forward technology.” Expert knowledge

“We see the automotive industry as driving forward technology.”

Steel is the dominant material in cars. What is thyssenkrupp Steel Europe doing so that it stays this way?

500 meters of cold strips per minute Customer portrait

500 meters of cold strips per minute

The company Risse + Wilke from Iserlohn can now offer higher precision manufacturing than ever before with a new, ultra-modern Duo re-rolling stand.

Jörg Paffrath Expert knowledge

We make it possible

End-to-end provider Sales Industry is an ideal material partner for flat steel. No matter how diverse, customer requirements are rapidly implemented down to a T. Jörg Paffrath explains why this is possible and what is being done to keep it that way.

Harder and thinner than steel armour plate Practical insight

Harder and thinner than steel armour plate

The new high-grade manganese steel is extremely strong, and can still be processed easily – for example to build high-security cash transporters. This material is now an award winner.

Plug connectors Customer portrait

Innovation in just seconds

A revolutionary hose coupling from Austrian-based manufacturer HENN is successful across the globe. Steel Europe supplies the material.

Quantum of the Seas Customer portrait

Swimming cities

Steel Europe partner Meyer Werft builds spectacular cruise liners for customers from all over the world
The stern of the ‘Quantum of the Seas’ rises up like a steel skyscraper, nearly touching the ceiling of Meyer’s largest dry dock.

The sandwich effect Innovations

The sandwich effect

Lighter, more affordable, higher quality: Steel Europe develops hybrid material litecor® for car bodies.

Dr. Martin Goede Expert knowledge

“It’s in the Mix”

Why do Volkswagen and thyssenkrupp Steel Europe cooperate so closely in the area of lightweight vehicle construction? And why is it so important, here in particular, to get the customer involved at an early stage? An interview with Dr. Martin Goede, Head of Technology Planning and Development at Volkswagen.

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