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InTruck® – The road to the future begins today

Innovations ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe

Truck initiative putting innovations on the road

The demands placed by truck and trailer producers on the cost effectiveness of their vehicles and environmental protection are increasing all over the world: Reduced fuel consumption, minimal emissions and a maximum payload are the key criteria. Maintenance and repair costs also play a significant role, as do the highest possible levels of safety and comfort at competitive costs.

InTruck® is opening up access for the truck sector to individual high-quality technical and economical solutions. The Groupwide initiative combines the entire automotive skills of thyssenkrupp for the commercial vehicle sector. Five Group companies are available for this as supplier and engineering partners, bringing with them decades of experience and expertise.

InTruck® solutions for commercial vehicles

  • Vehicle cab and frame: the very latest steels and steel technologies for more lightweight construction and safety
  • Trailer and body: highly resilient and wear-resistant materials which can stand up even to extreme conditions, thereby providing a longer service life
  • Chassis: innovative modules and components which reduce fuel consumption and improve the handling characteristics
  • Engine: highly efficient systems for the powertrain

Inexpensive lightweight construction concepts are in demand in the area of the vehicle cab. The steel business of thyssenkrupp has developed a virtual, representative cab which makes it possible to represent the advantages of new materials and technologies. With modern high-strength steels it is possible to develop lightweight construction potentials in the structures which require a high degree of strength, while at the same time fulfilling new crash requirements. Sandwich materials in the large-surface components offer significant potential for lightweight construction, while improving comfort at the same time. In combination with new technologies, such as hot forming or the use of closed flangeless profiles, the advantage of lightweight construction can be maximized.

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