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Product stewardship

Sustainable production

Innovations and technical progress are the key factors in overcoming the global challenges associated with resources and infrastructures. And these are the specific strengths of thyssenkrupp: Our engineering expertise enables customers to stand out from the global competition and manufacture innovative products not only economically, but also in a manner which saves resources. With our solutions we provide support to customers with their own environmental and climate protection. Accordingly, with respect to the development of innovative materials we have placed great emphasis from the beginning on the relevant ecological, economic and social aspects, such as environmental compatibility, energy efficiency, climate protection, recyclability, a marginal cost analysis and safety aspects. In view of global developments, these themes will become even far more important in the future not only for thyssenkrupp, but also for our customers.

Entire life cycle important

To us, integrated product stewardship always means consideration of the entire value-added chain, and the period of use of the products in particular. For example, higher emissions during production are only acceptable to us, if this reduces the emissions during the period of use to such an extent that the sum total of all emissions is reduced significantly over the entire life cycle.

In order to be able to provide our customers with reliable data, thyssenkrupp carries out extensive analyses. These range from series of trials on the laboratory scale, through pilot plants and measurements during test operations, to the preparation of complete life-cycle analyses (LCA).

Sustainability as a driver of innovation for InCar®plus

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