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CWIEME 2019 - Our electrical steel in Berlin


May 21 - 23, 2019, in Berlin



The leading trade fair for coil winding, insulation and electrical manufacturing takes place annually and is the meeting place for the transformer, electric motor and power generation industry across Europe. The Business Units Automotive and Electrical Steel of thyssenkrupp Steel will be presenting their powercore® electrical steels for generators, transformers and electric motors here. In the newly established E-mobility Zone of CWIEME in Hall 3.1b, experts from our company will also be talking about the role of steel in electromobility and the use of our electric steel grades for high frequencies and highly efficient drive systems in electric vehicles.Come and visit us at CWIEME at our booth A21 in Hall 2.2a-b!

Our powercore® electrical steel at the CWIEME

For those who don't want to wait: Here you will already find interesting information about our electrical steel portfolio. From non grain oriented electrical steel of the powercore® brand for generators through highly siliconized and poly-purpose grades for electric mobility down to grain oriented powercore® for transformers - we offer the right material for the efficient generation, conversion, distribution and use of electricity.

CWIEME 2019 - See you in Berlin!

"empowering you" is our trade fair motto this year. For this is exactly our goal: We want to offer you exactly what you need for your work. Be it material concepts, process optimizations or processing support - we are at your side. Be it with our portfolio of application-oriented steel grades, our functional insulation coatings for efficient manufacturing processes, or the development of grades for electromobility.

We listen, advise and develop for you.

We focus on intensive cooperations and close exchange.

We make (almost) everything possible.

We are continuously developing and working on new material concepts for our customers. Some of the results will be presented at our booth A21 in Hall 2.2a-b in Berlin.

Moreover, we will present our new products bondal® and the insulation coating powercore® Black Edition at the fair. bondal® is astructure-borne sound-damping composite material that reduces tthe electromagnetic sound pressure level and improves the acoustics of electric motors in electric vehicles. The Black Edition enables our customers from the transformer industry to reduce the sound emission of transformers. In addition, the new black surface offers better handling and processing properties than conventional coatings for grain-oriented electrical steel grades.

In a nutshell: Once again this year, we have the right materials, comprehensive manufacturing and process know-how and the right service for you. In addition, the focus at our booth will be on digitization. With the VR Experience or with our AR application, you can immerse yourself deeply in the virtual world of our products and services and experience our process and product advantages first hand. We look forward to seeing you!
You will find us in Berlin, from May 21 through 23, 2019, in Hall 2.2a-b, booth A21.

CWIEME 2019 in Berlin

The international exhibition and conference for coil winding, insulation and electrical manufacturing will take place in Berlin from May 21 to 23. With more than 500 exhibitors from 40 countries, CWIEME is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of its kind. It takes place annually at Messe Berlin and is the meeting place for the transformer, electric motor and power generation industries across Europe.The fair brings dealers and suppliers together and presents the latest machines, products, services and equipment from renowned manufacturers from all over the world. The exhibition is complemented by a whole series of conferences, presentations and demonstrations of new equipment and processes

The CWIEME 2019 in figures:

  • Approx. 750 exhibitors from 84 countries
  • Expected just under 7,000 trade visitors

The dates:

  • May 21 to 23, 2019
  • Exhibition grounds Berlin, South Entrance

Opening hours:

  • Tuesday - Wednesday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Click here for the official CWIEME site:


Dr. Jens Overrath talks about the importance of electrical steel in the energy transition
Dr. Jens Overrath, CEO of the Electrical Steel business unit at thyssenkrupp Steel

Dr. Jens Overrath, CEO of the Electrical Steel business unit, talks about the importance of electrical steel in the energy transition

Mr. Overrath – in light of the fact that we are currently in the run-up to CWIEME, what is the biggest challenge in your industry right now?

I would say that it’s the same challenge we’ve been facing for the last few years – and that’s making the energy transition a reality. The trade fair CWIEME, which is held annually in Berlin as an international meeting place for the transformer, electric motor, and energy generation industries, is the ideal marketplace for us to present our latest electrical steel types and their applications.

Electrical steel for the energy transition
We need flexible electrical networks to supply energy generated from renewable sources

(c) picture: Shutterstock

What role does electrical steel play in the energy transition?

Electrical steel is the ultimate driver of the energy transition. Our material is needed anywhere that energy has to be transferred or converted – such as non-oriented electrical steel for generators and engines, and grain-oriented electrical steel for transformer cores. Or to say it very simply: without us, there is no energy transition.

So you supply the material used to manufacture products that are making the energy transition a reality.

That’s right. So we don’t manufacture transformers, for example – that’s something that our customers do. Their customers in turn are energy providers. But we also have to know what our customers’ customers will need in the future. Or to take it one step further – the trajectory technical developments in the field of energy system transformation and electromobility will take.

What technical challenges does Electrical Steel face in the production of grain-oriented electrical steel?

Let’s take an issue that has been driven forward significantly over the years: energy efficiency. Manufacturing electrical steel with low power losses is an innovation driver for us – electrical steel is a highly innovative material. However, it is only possible to produce it using extremely sophisticated thermal heat treatment processes. That is why we consistently invest in the most cutting-edge technologies at our sites in Gelsenkirchen (Germany), Isbergues (France) and Nashik (India).

I suppose that’s also in line with your motto, ‘Thinking about tomorrow today?’

We have already been thinking about tomorrow – and even the day after tomorrow – since yesterday. When it comes to all material-related issues, we’ve done our homework. We are currently able to supply highly differentiated and effective materials for the entire process, from power generation, to transport and distribution, right through to consumption.

How would you evaluate your competitors’ products?

There is naturally competition in this sector when it comes to materials. However, despite adverse weather conditions such as temperature fluctuations, humidity and lightning strikes, the power transmission equipment must ensure an undisturbed power supply. After all, the end customer expects a reliable energy supply around the clock and 365 days a year. In comparison with other materials for energy transmission, our electrical steel offers the required high operational reliability in addition to its extremely high energy efficiency.

So what you’re saying is that it’s a material that not every company can make?

Electrical steel, in particular grain-oriented electrical steel, is one of the most demanding materials that a steel producer can offer in its product range. Only six providers worldwide are able to manufacture premium goods in this segment, and the Electrical Steel business unit is one of them.

Would you say this means that electrical steel is one of the most pioneering materials there is?

I truly believe that it is. In the future, even more electrical energy will be required around the world for infrastructure, personal consumption, and mobility. Just think, for example, of charging stations for electromobility – electrical steel is needed anywhere that electrical energy is transferred and transported.

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Non grain oriented electrical steel

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is a leading global manufacturer of high-tech powercore® non oriented electrical steels. This core material is used throughout the entire energy value chain: From power generation (generators) to the consumption (electric motors and appliances) of electrical energy in the electrical components industry.

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Grain oriented electrical steel

Grain oriented electrical steel is an important material in the production of energy efficient transformers and large, high performance generators. In the form of laminated, wound or punched sheets, it is the essential core material of distribution transformers, power transformers and small transformers.

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