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Over the past few years thyssenkrupp Steel Europe has made considerable investments and continued to develop the technology used in its production facilities.

As the world’s leading provider of flat carbon steel, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe regularly overhauls its production facilities to make sure that they are up-to-date. The company is investing in all of the process steps involved in steel production and processing. These investments help to ensure that production remains environmentally-friendly and efficient in the long-term.

Over the past few years, Duisburg-based thyssenkrupp Steel Europe has invested around 800 million euros to modernize different units involved in materials production – starting with the stockhouse and moving on to the steel production equipment and the numerous rolling mills and refining systems. The facility can now produce steel sheet with closer tolerances, a wider range of dimensions, and more precise surface characteristics than ever before.


The modernized system is now better and more reliable when it comes to meeting customers’ current and future needs. Newly developed and stronger steels and material solutions are in high demand in the automotive industry, machine and systems engineering, and the household appliance industry. The energy sector and the packaging industry are also interested in new and innovative applications. Last but not least, because of its broad customer base, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe’s investments not only benefit the company itself, they also help to strengthen German industry going forward.

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