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While coach Jogi Löw was in Brazil with the national team at the World Cup, wind masts from Bavarian are ensuring that the power didn’t go out in the German quarters. Europoles shipped six welded steel tubes, made of materials supplied by thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, to South America. The masts are equipped with wind turbines to ensure that video analyses ran seamlessly in the German quarters, that the players’ cell phones always had a good signal, and that the air conditioning didn’t cut out.

Masts designed to look like trees

Europoles is headquartered in Neumarkt near Nuremberg and employs about 1,500 employees around the globe, with annual revenues of 260 million euros. The European market leader’s portfolio includes standard and custom solutions for masts, columns, towers, and carrier systems made of steel, concrete, and fiber-reinforced plastics.

Their range of products is available for viewing at Europoles’ mast ‘farm.’ Traffic lights or floodlight systems are installed on the steadfast masts; some are even designed to look like trees so that they don’t disrupt the landscape. ‘Grass blade’ masts create an urban flair with their pointy tips.

Functional solutions for Germany

“In Germany, they prefer their masts to be functional,” says Torsten Rehfeldt, Business Division Manager at Europoles. In contrast, France has more baroque-styled street lights, including matching park benches and garbage cans. You won’t see these special solutions in Germany though: “It’s great to be able to stroll through the HafenCity in Hamburg and say, we built these masts!” Actually, almost every other light pole in Germany comes from a Europoles factory.

The company produced the steel pipes for the World Cup quarters at their factory in Dinkelsbühl. Steel coils are also processed into stable masts in the Polish plants in Konin und Chrzanów. These coiled steel materials are used to form the hollow masts, which hold cables for street light systems, lights, or electrical wiring. In the communications industry, the masts can hold antennas that make sure you can be reached on your cell phone at any time.

Innovative materials and logistics concepts

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe has been delivering S355 and S235 grade steel to Europoles for over ten years. “thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is an important partner because of its broad range of products and its high quality standards,” says Jürgen Strobl, who has been the head of materials procurement at Europoles for many years. thyssenkrupp supplies various accessory parts for concrete masts, such as welded steel pipes or angle steel, in addition to coils.

“Our steel enables Europoles to meet demand. Our innovative materials and logistics concepts will continue to form the foundation for a partnership between our companies in the future,” explains Martin Metzing from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe. The masts are used, for example, at sporting events such as ski jumps at Holmenkollen in Oslo, or in the equestrian sports park in Aachen. “We find the South American market very interesting. There’s a lot of potential there for Europoles,” says Torsten Rehfeldt of the delivery to the German national team in Brazil.

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