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The Winkelmann Group is one of the leading companies in the metal forming industry

The Winkelmann Group is one of the leading companies in the metal forming industry. Long-term thinking and planning while remaining innovative and flexible is all in a day’s work for the family-owned company.

It all began at the end of the 19th century with coffee and milk canisters, dustpans, and pails. In 1898, master craftsmen Heinrich Winkelmann and Caspar Pannhoff founded an operation for durables and agricultural goods in the city of Ahlen in the German region of Westphalia. The mining industry was booming, drawing both people and companies, and increasing demand for day-to-day goods. When Pannhoff left the company, the Winkelmann family continued to run the operation alone – and now the family-owned company is in its fourth generation.


  • 1898

    founded in Ahlen

  • 560 million euros

    annual sales

  • 4.000

    employees worldwide

Over its many decades of business, Winkelmann has become a specialist in metal processing and has continued to expand its product portfolio. Today the Winkelmann Group has 23 subsidiaries and is organized into the divisions Automotive, Heating and Water, Flowforming, and Steeltrade. The latter is still housed in the main administrative building in Ahlen. From here, the company manages its steel purchasing operation throughout the entire Winkelmann Group, which is currently represented in twelve countries (including Poland, Austria, China, and Turkey). Winkelmann Metal Solutions GmbH (certified in accordance with ISO 9001) not only handles the needs of the group itself, it also offers its expertise in steel purchasing and distribution to external companies.

With around 4,000 employees worldwide and sales of around 560 million euros, the Winkelmann Group is one of the big names in medium-sized companies. Although the company has many overseas production facilities, Winkelmann makes sure to manufacture at least one item from each product group at its headquarters in the German region of Westphalia.

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