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This high-quality galvanized steel painted using the coil coating process not only meets customer needs for a highly practical and affordable solution, it also has a special look that allows customers to be creative and work with a wide array of colors.

These products also offer a range of options for gloss finishes and finely textured surfaces which give the colored steel sheets a very special appearance. PLADUR® Relief iceCrystal is a real eye-catcher. This specialized coating achieves a unique effect which truly allows the building facade to shine.

From steel sheet to building facade

In order to turn the materials from Steel Europe into sandwich panels for high-quality facades, some of the color-coated steel coils are sent to Romakowski GmbH in Buttenwiesen near Augsburg as semi-finished parts. Service partner Walter Patz is also called in to provide additional support.

The sheets are shaped and finished off by adding polyurethane foam insulation. By varying the color, the type of coating used, and the thickness of the foam core, a variety of sandwich elements is created. Then, depending on the area of application, these elements will be used to insulate refrigerated warehouses, replace stonework, or cover roofs or facades.

The result of all this work is a final product that is extremely versatile, straightforward, highly energy efficient, and attractive all at the same time. The principle can be seen in action at the ‘Schiermeier wohnen und leben’ kitchen and furniture studio in the city of Hutthurm in Lower Bavaria, where the company has designed its new headquarters using colorful primary materials from Steel Europe and sandwich elements from Romakowski.

Hutthurm in Germany’s Passau district: The building’s facade shimmers in dark brown.
Hutthurm in Germany’s Passau district: The building’s facade shimmers in dark brown.

Attractive designs at affordable prices

The dark, angular building with the company’s logo – a glowing green ginkgo leaf – is recognizable from quite a distance. Visitors to the kitchen and furniture studio are greeted by a store with a unique presence that features an elegant design and a facade which is completely covered in dark brown elements with a micro-lined iceCrystal surface texture.

The most impressive part is that depending on the lighting and the perspective, the building reveals new facets and gives off a warm, matte shimmer. “I chose a design that is attractive but not extremely expensive,” says building owner Andreas Schiermeier.

The sandwich elements need only be attached, and after a quick installation they require no additional maintenance. The result is a stylish building at an affordable price. Dull gray was yesterday.

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