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Precision strip from Hohenlimburg now known as precidur®

thyssenkrupp Hohenlimburg gives its steel products a new trade mark

Over a year ago, the precision strip specialists at thyssenkrupp Steel started to create a new product brand. The result: ‘precidur®.’ In the future, all of the products made by Hohenlimburg will bear this name. A comprehensive marketing campaign has now been launched to introduce customers to the new precidur® trade mark.

Britta Van Beurden, Head of Sales at thyssenkrupp Hohenlimburg, explains the reasons behind selecting the new trade mark.

Ms. Van Beurden, why have thyssenkrupp Hohenlimburg products received a new name?

Van Beurden: Precision strip products from Hohenlimburg are much more than just precision steel strip, and they also require a bit of explanation. precidur® combines all of the product properties of Hohenlimburg precision strip with the special advantages of our business model. It unites the special characteristics in a single name: “A hot-rolled strip with the tightest thickness tolerances, best surface qualities, uniform material properties, and outstanding crash behavior.”

So in the future, precision strip from Hohenlimburg will be known as ‘precidur®.’ What does that name stand for?

Van Beurden: Firstly, it stands for the product properties ‘precise’ and ‘durable’; precision steel strip is a long-lasting, stable, and robust product. But that’s far from all: As I mentioned, precidur® also embodies the core elements of our business model – precise, high-quality, and innovative products, combined with long-term, stable customer relationships, along with a high level of flexibility.

How was this name chosen?

Van Beurden: We developed the precidur® product brand through various stages in brand workshops, integrating employees from Sales, Production, and Quality. We also wrote the brand message together as a team. This approach is an advantageous one: alongside managers, employees have also been behind this product brand from the very start, and they understand it, too.

What’s the underlying concept behind precidur®?

Van Beurden: The goal or concept behind the new product brand is, for one, to clearly differentiate our product from other hot strip products and, for another, to combine all of the product advantages of Hohenlimburg precision strip with the business model attributes I mentioned.

What will customers gain from this new trade mark?

Van Beurden: This new product brand is refining our profile and combining it with a clear message: precidur® summarizes the complex descriptions of our precision strip in a single term. That increases our recognition value for existing customers as well as for new ones.

Do you have a particular goal in line with the new trade mark?

Van Beurden: I hope that soon nobody will refer to ‘precision strip’ anymore; instead, they’ll refer to precidur®. I also hope that everyone will immediately associate our brand message with the product: precidur® – a special product embedded within a special business model.

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