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Steel’s got style. Prof. Dr. Joan Sofron is to the field of facades what Sir Paul Smith is to the fashion world. Both designers have turned stripes into their personal trademark. To print these stripes onto steel strips, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe used a special form of the coil-coating procedure. Using this process, it is possible to print just about as many stripes as the customer wants with almost no limits on color.

By employing this new stripe pattern, customers can vary the fixed dimensions of the individual elements on their buildings to achieve different effects – for example, fine stripes like a barcode or larger stripes like those of a zebra – depending on the company’s individual style and requirements. The pladur® coating – a combination of the ZM Ecoprotect® flat steel coating and a high-quality paint – ensures that facade elements remain durable and robust.

The sample facade in black and anthracite pictured here belongs to the company headquarters of Glasprofi24 in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock near the German city of Bielefeld. The clothes make the person, eye-catching packaging makes an impression, and attractive facades help to hone a company’s image.

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