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Experience center Stahl hoch zehn

Wide-screen cinema: New ways of looking at steel as a high-tech material

For everything you ever wanted to know about steel, you can now visit the newly designed visitor center in Duisburg, Germany. The ‘Steel hoch zehn’ [Steel to the power of ten] experience center offers eventful, entertaining, and fascinating information on a 300-degree screen, so the allusion to the Woody Allen movie title is not very far-fetched after all. The extraordinary panorama look enables viewers to see steel manufacturing and the people who are responsible for it in a different light.

You will also learn more about where this high-tech material is used. Visitors to the center will discover many fascinating exhibits, like an original torch from the 1972 Munich Olympic Games or a luge sled used by the German European champions Eggert and Benecken. The oldest piece on display is a meteorite that is a good 4.6 billion years old. It slammed into the Earth 4,500 thousand years ago, and you can also see it in Duisburg. So, what do a meteorite, thyssenkrupp, and steel have in common? Stop by and find out for yourself!


Visitor center on Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 100, next to Gate 1, 47166 Duisburg, Germany
(across from the head offices of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG)

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