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The new management

Starting in October the Steel division of thyssenkrupp will be operating with a new management structure and its steel business will be divided into business units.

The CEO directorate will assume responsibility for ‘Markets and Sales’ under the leadership of Andreas Goss.

‘Rolling and Coating’ and ‘Research and Development’ will be combined in the Downstream production area under the leadership of Heribert Fischer.

In the Upstream directorate, which concentrates on optimizing and increasing the efficiency of processes in the liquid phase (crude iron, crude steel), Arnd Köfler will take over from Herbert Eichelkraut in 2017, whose contract expires at the end of this year.

The ‘Finances’ and ‘Personnel and Social’ directorates, led by Premal Desai and Thomas Schlenz, respectively, will remain as they are.

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