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The development of tribond® represents pioneering work by thyssenkrupp Steel in the field of steel composite materials.

Tires squeal. Metal grinds against metal. In the event of an accident, a car body should offer the occupants maximum protection. Introducing tribond® by thyssenkrupp Steel, a steel for hot forming that should have car manufacturers sitting up and taking note. That’s because it combines two properties that seem to be contradictory at first: It is a high-strength material, yet it absorbs the energy generated in a crash by deforming itself slightly. This property is also referred to as ductility.
Julia Mura, Product Manager for Hot Forming Products at thyssenkrupp Steel

We transfer the complexity from the process to the material itself.

It is the only steel composite material of its kind in the world for hot forming. In addition, customers benefit from its exceptional lightweighting potential. Parts from the product family weigh up to ten percent less than comparable parts made by hot forming. “tribond® will significantly increase the potential range of applications for hot forming in car bodies,” reports Bernhard Osburg, ­Director Sales Automotive at ­thyssenkrupp Steel. “Thanks to this layered material, we are able to offer automobile manufacturers a ­further solution that will help them comply with EU fleet limits that have been in force since 2013.”
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