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Working with an innovative spirit

engineering. tomorrow. together. Engineering is key to making thyssenkrupp’s brand promise a reality.

The best way to understand what ‘engineering’ means for us and our customers is to take a look at the work of our engineers. They develop the solutions that we use to create competitive products.

(Text: Judy Born)

You have most likely noticed that thyssenkrupp introduced a new brand a few months ago. The way the Group name is spelled, the Group color, and the logo have all changed in clearly visible ways. However, the new slogan – ‘engineering. tomorrow. together’ – represents a more complex shift at a deeper level. After all, there is far more to a brand than appearances alone. Our new brand represents a promise to keep our customers ahead of the curve.

Our solution-oriented engineering innovations make this possible. It is not for nothing that ‘engineering’ is the first term in our new slogan – it is the backbone of our Steel division and a key component of our Group identity. Our employees approach their work from an engineering perspective, bearing applications in mind. We are always concerned with providing our customers with the best quality, in a timely fashion and at excellent value for their money.

Our engineering accomplishments include Europe’s first casting-rolling mill for flat carbon steel, which continually, in a single process and at an even temperature, rolls liquid steel into a hot-rolled strip. This method guarantees the highest level of quality. Another of our achievements is our blast furnace, which has been producing crude iron in an absolutely reliable manner for decades – day by day, around the clock, at temperatures above 1,500 degrees Celsius. Finally, the thyssenkrupp Steel division offers 1,800 individual grades of steel and 2,000 alloy concepts, and registers numerous inventions and patents each year.

According to a United Nations forecast, this number will climb to 8.6 billion by 2030. This increase roughly corresponds to the total population of present-day India. The past few decades have already seen the introduction of global initiatives to counter the consequences of extreme population growth. We must continue to uphold these initiatives – namely, resource conservation and environmental and climate protection. Issues of urbanization and mobility are also becoming increasingly important, given the rapid advances being made in the development of society.

This is where engineering expertise plays a crucial role. Engineers can create lightweight construction solutions for cars, design concepts for wind turbines, and innovative infrastructure projects, to name but a few of their proficiencies. Our engineers focus on processes and applications for steel that are in keeping with the times. Their professional expertise stems from their many years of experience, as well as from their innovative spirit – after all, there is a creatively minded person behind every invention. Our engineers’ ideas and specialist expertise are the driving forces behind our developments in steel. Naturally, we also take market trends and customer needs into account.

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