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With pladur® ReflectionsOne, industrial buildings blend harmoniously into their surroundings

New construction of FBA 10

A showcase project is taking shape: The 350 meter long and up to 65 meter high FBA 10 is scheduled for completion by spring 2022. As a building block in thyssenkrupp Steel’s strategic realignment, the high-tech plant will serve the growing demand for high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel.

The high-quality steel is also being used in the facade of the building itself: The facade panels will be reliably protected from corrosion by the innovative zinc-magnesium-based hot-dip coating ZM Ecoprotect®, which features a thinner zinc layer compared with conventional hot-dip galvanizing.

Harmonious color scheme

FBA 10

The appearance of the building envelope deserves special attention: shades of green match the plant’s natural surroundings and make the massive structure appear less angular. The blue hues of the two towers blend with the sky. “As with the construction of neighboring sister plant FBA 8 in 2001, a specially developed color scheme is being used, integrating the building harmoniously into the surrounding industrial landscape,” explains Axel Pohl, sales manager in the Industry business unit. It was developed by the designer Friedrich Ernst von Garnier for the pladur® series ReflectionsOne. The idea behind it: When colors are well coordinated on large surfaces, they create specific moods or color tones. Gray shades, for example, have a puristic and stabilizing effect, green tones are relaxing and cheerful, and earthy tones are warm and comforting. ReflectionsOne offers more than 100 coordinated shades. Ten of them were selected for the facade design of FBA 10.

To ensure that the multifaceted colors of the ReflectionsOne series retain their radiance over many years, particular emphasis was placed during development on color and gloss stability: Complementing the highest-quality base coat, the premium pigments used ensure excellent covering power. This combination reduces UV absorption to a minimum.

Reliable partnership

Forming at Wurzer

One partner in the project is Wurzer Profiliertechnik GmbH, which fabricates the organic-coated flat steel produced in Kreuztal-Eichen into liner trays and trapezoidal profiles with material thicknesses of between 0.88 and 1.0 millimeter. With 90 employees, the Bavarian family business specializes in roof drainage systems, corrugated, trapezoidal and liner tray profiles as well as flashings.

Wurzer attaches great importance to custom design – one of the reasons the company likes to use pladur® for facades in the commercial sector. “pladur® has very good processing properties, is cost-effective and at the same time particularly resistant to corrosion and UV radiation,” says company owner Georg Wurzer.

“pladur® has very good processing properties, is cost-effective and at the same time particularly resistant to corrosion and UV radiation.”

Georg Wurzer, Wurzer Profiliertechnik GmbH
Wurzer Profiliertechnik

This, and a decades-long partnership with thyssenkrupp Steel, also tipped the scales in favor of pladur® ReflectionsOne for the cladding of the company’s own new warehouse and production building. “Colored facades need to be well planned so that they blend perfectly into the surroundings. So we were glad to be able to call on the steel and coil coating expertise, color advice and, of course, technical advice of thyssenkrupp Steel,” says Georg Wurzer.

thyssenkrupp Steel, in turn, is full of praise for the flexible and reliable production of the facade profiles. Axel Pohl: “The completion of FBA10 has been delayed among other things by bomb discoveries during the earthworks and the Covid 19 pandemic. This has represented an organizational challenge for all the companies involved in the project. At times like this it’s good to have a partner like Wurzer Profiliertechnik capable of dealing with every eventuality in a calm and customer-focused way.”

Certified sustainability

The environmental compatibility of the materials used in commercial construction is becoming increasingly important. “Sustainable building certification, for example LEED or DGNB, is on the rise. Certification increases the value of a property,” says Axel Pohl. “Steel is an excellent material in this respect. Not only is it durable, it can also be recycled without any loss of quality, which has a positive effect on carbon footprint.”

The environmental performance of pladur® is recorded in a so-called Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). These declarations are issued in Germany by the Institute for Building and Environment (IBU) and certified by independent agencies.

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