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perform® / perform® LC


The steel grades in the perform® series are low-carbon micro-alloyed steels which are thermomechanically rolled.

The low carbon and alloying element levels, the cleanness of the steels with their low sulfur content and the special rolling process result in excellent properties including good cold formability, weldability and toughness.

The plates are usually cut from hot rolled coils in thicknesses down to around 3/8”. However, thicker and wider plates of lower strength can be made by rolling on a four-high reversing mill.


  • Minimum yield points up to 100 ksi (perform® 100US) with very good cold formability
  • Press braking and bending with very small radii
  • Notch impact energy 27 J at -40 °F
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Outstanding weldability

Please note: Our perform® steels are distributed in Europe under the brand names referring to the metric system (the yield strength given in MPa). In some publications (like data sheets or brochures) only the European brand names and the corresponding values in the metric system may be listed.

perform® series

perform® 45US perform® 315
perform® 50US perform® 355
perform® 55US perform® 380
perform® 60US perform® 420
perform® 65US perform® 460
perform® 70US perform® 500
perform® 80US perform® 550
perform® 85US perform® 600
perform® 95US perform® 650
perform® 100US perform® 700

High-strength steel

High-strength thermo-mechanically rolled steels with very good cold formability for the commercial vehicle industry.

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Special products

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe offers perform®-LC (LaserCut) plates with minimum yield strength levels from 315 to 420 MPa for modern laser cutting shops.

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perform® in use

Modern technology often requires a combination of conflicting properties, e.g. high strength and at the same time good formability. The development and use of cold forming steels provided solutions to numerous problems encountered in many structures, e.g. in vehicle manufacture.


More environmental protection, more safety and cost efficiency are important issues in the automotive industry. As a long-standing partner, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe understands these requirements and provides comprehensive industry-specific expertise with regard to material as well as technology.

Industrie Automotive/Trucks

Special Vehicles

Cranes, civil protection vehicles or ships – special-purpose vehicles are used wherever demanding tasks must be performed. thyssenkrupp Steel Europe provides high-performance solutions for the respective field of application setting new standards on the market.

Industrie Special Vehicles

Application examples

perform® 70US for semitrailers

Special vehicles

perform® 70US for semitrailers

perform® 50US for cold-stamped parts


perform® 50US for cold-stamped parts

Parts from cold-forming steels perform® for agricultural machinery

Special vehicles

Parts from cold-forming steels perform® for agricultural machinery

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