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Structural steel: N-A-XTRA® und XABO®


Developed by thyssenkrupp Steel Europe more than 50 years ago, quenched and tempered special structural steels have proved ideal for reducing the deadweight of highly stressed steel structures.

Various grades are available in minimum yield strengths up to 188 ksi and plate thicknesses from 5/32” to 4”.


  • Minimum yield strengths up to 188 ksi
  • Optimum strength/toughness combination
  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • Very good flatness
  • High surface quality

N-A-XTRA® and XABO® steels

N-A-XTRA®(M) 80US N-A-XTRA®(M) 550
N-A-XTRA®(M) 90US N-A-XTRA®(M) 620
N-A-XTRA®(M) 100US N-A-XTRA®(M) 700
N-A-XTRA®(M) 110US XABO®890
XABO®140US XABO®1100
XABO®160US XABO®1300

Structural steel

High-strength quenched and tempered special structural steels for the constructions subjected to heavy loads or weathering fine grain structural steel with special corrosion properties: Heavy plate made from special structural steel makes steel structures not only lighter and longer-lasting but also more cost-efficient.

Further structural steel grades

N-A-XTRA® / XABO® in use

In many structures, the use of high-strength special structural steels N-A-XTRA® and XABO® permits a reduction in plate thickness and therefore a reduction in material and processing costs as well as operating costs. Weight reduction is an increasingly important issue in truck and mobile crane construction, where the dimensions and axle loads of the vehicle and the overall weight of the structure are restricted by law.

The wide range of N-A-XTRA® and XABO® steels allows designers to choose the optimum grade for a particular application taking loading and production conditions into account.

N-A-XTRA® and XABO® steels have found a broad range of applications in many important areas of engineering.


More environmental protection, more safety and cost efficiency are important issues in the automotive industry. As a long-standing partner, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe understands these requirements and provides comprehensive industry-specific expertise with regard to material as well as technology.

Industries Automotive/Trucks

Special Vehicles

Cranes, civil protection vehicles or ships – special-purpose vehicles are used wherever demanding tasks must be performed. thyssenkrupp Steel Europe provides high-performance solutions for the respective field of application setting new standards on the market.

Indutries Special Vehicles

Plant Engineering

Modern machinery and plant engineering needs innovative technologies and reliable as well as high-quality materials. thyssenkrupp Steel Europe develops and manufactures products that both technically and economically belong to the most efficient products of our time.

Industries Plant Engineering

Please note: Our N-A-XTRA®/XABO® steels are distributed in Europe under the following brand names referring to the metric system (the yield strength given in MPa). In some publications (like data sheets or brochures) only the European brand names and the corresponding values in the metric system may be listed.

Application examples

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