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pladur® Standing Seam: high-quality standing seam roofing

pladur® Standing Seam is ideal for standing seam applications.

pladur® Standing Seam is ideal for high-quality, economical, and durable standing seam applications. The organic coil-coated material is very robust and extremely durable. The finely textured matt finish gives fully supported roofing and cladding elements a visual charm all of their own. Subtle colors underline the timeless overall appearance.

Whether facade or roof: pladur® Standing Seam stands for esthetics right down the line

Elegant facade and roof design with pladur® Standing Seam

Matt appearance, clear design

In two matt finish colors − gray and anthracite − pladur® Standing Seam lends an elegant touch to buildings new and old while providing roofs and facades with a linear structure.

pladur® Standing Seam can be used to style both roofs and facades in their entirety. And as pladur® Standing Seam is so easy to form, there are virtually no limits to custom designs.

If you are interested in product samples and/or color cards, please contact us.

pladur® Standing Seam: elegant yet robust

pladur® Standing Seam offers architects and building owners numerous advantages and special features in terms of both appearance and performance. Here’s a selection:

High resistance to wind and weathering

From hot sun to rain, storms and snow: pladur® Standing Seam’s high UV, temperature and corrosion resistance make it more than a match for any kind of weather.

Excellent formability

When it comes to design, there are virtually no limits with pladur® Standing Seam. The material can be readily processed using conventional equipment (profilers, roll formers) − even at temperatures down to –5°C.

Material combination with high functionality

The core material has a high-quality coating on the exposed side, while the rear side coating offers maximum protection against hot-water corrosion. This combination produces a flat material that can stand up to any quality comparison − from processability and flexibility to functionality and esthetics.

Sustainability to the fore

Managing environmental impact throughout the product life cycle is an integral part of our work, from the climate- and resource-friendly materials to almost unlimited service life in architectural applications to full recyclability. Our pladur® products comply with the relevant REACH regulations. The organic coatings are completely free of chromates and CMR substances. So a decision in favor of pladur® Standing Seam is a decision in favor of sustainability.

threestar***: top quality pladur® Standing Seam

We offer pladur® Standing Seam in the highest quality − in the threestar*** category.

The quality class that impresses with the highest values in nearly all respects

pladur® is available in three quality classes making it the perfect solution for all types of multistory building − be it a day-care center for children or a hospital, a luxury hotel or a residential/office complex. The most important criteria for classification are UV resistance, resistance to mechanical stress and the duration of protection against corrosion, as well as the material and visual properties of the surface texture. threestar*** means that we offer you pladur® Standing Seam in superior quality, which convinces in almost all points with the highest values.

Technical information

Delivery forms and
from_to in mm
from_to in mm
Strip 0.60−1.00 600−1,350
* Special/project colors from 500 m2. Use of panels from same batch recommended. Further sizes on request.


Gloss Generally 1 to 2 gloss units
Corrosion resistance/ length of protection RC3/C3H to C4L
Fire resistance A2 (to DIN 4102/in accordance with approval Z-56.426-65)
RUV class RUV 4

Guarantee information

On request, we can provide you with property-related warranties for your pladur® Standing Seam project. Please contact us if you require a warranty.

Approvals and certificates

Environmentally aware
pladur®eco-friendly coating.
Reliable processes
Systematic management.
Safe products
Monitored and tested quality.

General inquiry




thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse 100

47166 Duisburg, Germany

+49 (0)203 52-0

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