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New Sales team Practical insight

Introducing the new team!

thyssenkrupp’s Steel division has reshuffled the cards in Sales.

Expert knowledge

We are gaining speed

The NGOflex campaign aims to provide fast, flexible deliveries.

Making gold with slag | Kundenmagazin Practical insight

Making gold with slag

We used to dump slag, now we process it.

The new management Practical insight

The new management

Steel structures itself into market and production units.

A new name for Hoesch Hohenlimburg Practical insight

A new name for Hoesch Hohenlimburg

The medium-wide strip specialist is reorganizing and becoming a business unit.

Le Mans Seminar Practical insight

Le Mans Seminar

Material behavior with method

A library with a patina Practical insight

A library with a patina

A sign of transience: A library building in Switzerland has been covered with thyssenkrupp’s weatherproof patinax® construction steel.

Masters of the ice Practical insight

Masters of the ice

When lugers Eggert and Benecken race down ice-covered tracks, thyssenkrupp is right there with them – 80 percent of the materials used to make their luge were developed by various Business Areas of our Group.

Investing in Krefeld Practical insight

Investing in Krefeld

Those who want to save on electricity need to invest in energy. A new spectral analysis device at the Steel Service Center in Krefeld, Germany, ensures an even greater degree of analytical precision.

Marcus van Marwick Practical insight

New contact person

There’s been a change in marketing leadership within thyssenkrupp’s Steel division. Marcus van Marwick replaced Achim Stolle as Head of Brand & Customer Communications at the beginning of the year.

The hot strip Praxiseinblick

250 million euros for thinner strips

Steel Europe is renovating its hot-strip rolling mill in Duisburg.

Furnace in top form Practical insight

Furnace in top form

Blast furnace treated to a complete overhaul: Duisburg-Schwelgern renovates the cooling system and auxiliary units in blast furnace 2.

No heat in the oven Practical insight

No heat in the oven

It’s a rare view indeed, considering that the central section of blast furnace 9 located in Duisburg-Hamborn is normally heated to a blistering 1,600 degrees Celsius.

Made in Germany Practical insight

Made in Germany

Produced locally, delivered globally: Special steel from thyssenkrupp Steel is a giant leap for innovation in many sectors.

XAR®-MS with new tempering Practical insight

XAR®-MS with new tempering

Research on wear-resistant heavy plates has met with success.

Regional focus Practical insight

Regional focus

thyssenkrupp increases its international presence.

Purchase in Belgium Practical insight

Purchase in Belgium

The purchase of a Steel Service Center expands thyssenkrupp Steel’s product portfolio in the Port of Antwerp.

scalur®+Z – more strip per coil Practical insight

scalur®+Z – more strip per coil

A new product from thyssenkrupp Steel helps optimize production processes thanks to its exceptional thickness tolerance.

New lettering? Logo! Practical insight

New lettering? Logo!

Values and strategies change over the years, and sooner or later the time comes for a company to change its appearance. We, too, have changed, and so we have given ourselves a new trade mark.

Guarantee the quality by regularly overhauls. Practical insight

Cutting-edge everything

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe regularly overhauls its plants and systems to help guarantee the quality of its products.

Changes at the top Practical insight

Changes at the top

There are new faces to be found in the Management Board at Hoesch Hohenlimburg and thyssenkrupp Rasselstein.

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The complete range Practical insight

The complete range

2015 – time for something new: a new look, a new design, a new structure. thyssenkrupp Steel Europe has completely updated and redesigned its product catalog.

New start on the Bosphorus Practical insight

New start on the Bosphorus

Turkey is booming, offering plenty of promising business opportunities for thyssenkrupp Steel Europe and its customers.

Not here yet there Practical insight

Not here yet there

Companies that wish to tap into foreign markets have to have an understanding of the local market, cultural sensitivity, and a local presence – or a solid collaboration with a representative like the employees in Heavy Plate.

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What signs of quality are important to you?

Bottrop’s sparkling new star Practical insight

Bottrop’s sparkling new star

From wallflower to eyecatcher: This building is turning heads on the streets of downtown Bottrop thanks to its new and improved facade elements made from pladur® Relief iceCrystal.

Kuniberg vocational school Practical insight

Renovation of Kuniberg vocational school

The local press, the student newspaper, neighbors – everyone’s talking about the successful interior and exterior renovation of Kuniberg vocational school. At the center of all the attention is the school’s new facade, with panels made of pladur® organic coated steel from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe.

Steel has many shades of green Practical insight

Steel has many shades of green

Wind power, lightweight design, e-mobility: Three examples that highlight the excellent energy efficiency and sustainability of steel products.

If you sow wind, you shall reap power Practical insight

If you sow wind, you shall reap power

Innovative steel products such as non-oriented electrical steel are helping to make wind turbines more efficient – and they go easy on natural resources.

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How energy-efficient are you?

Colorful, durable, and brilliant – Steel’s got style Practical insight

Colorful, durable, and brilliant – Steel’s got style

Coil-coated flat steel brings variety to building facades, onto the streets, and into private homes. Axel Pohl, Sales Manager of the Color product area, tells us which industries show the most demand for pladur® products and talks about the most popular colors and patterns.

pladur® makes life colorful Practical insight

pladur® makes life colorful

Organically coated steel sheet transforms humdrum walls into colorful facades and turns monochromatic surfaces into exciting designs.

Like knocking on wood: pladur® Relief Wood Practical insight

Like knocking on wood: pladur® Relief Wood

First impressions count – and that’s what swayed MOST Mobile in favor of pladur® Relief Wood.

MultiBond in the kitchen – New cutting patterns Practical insight

MultiBond in the kitchen – New cutting patterns

The technology for producing Damascus steel has been around for 2,500 years. In ancient times, it was used to forge blades of extraordinary strength and sharpness.

Steel earns its stripes Practical insight

Steel earns its stripes

Steel’s got style. Prof. Dr. Joan Sofron is to the field of facades what Sir Paul Smith is to the fashion world.

Harder and thinner than steel armour plate Practical insight

Harder and thinner than steel armour plate

The new high-grade manganese steel is extremely strong, and can still be processed easily – for example to build high-security cash transporters. This material is now an award winner.

The new sales Practical insight

The new sales

Better, faster, closer to the markets – in answer to the challenges posed by international markets, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe has restructured key leadership functions.

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