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pladur® Aesthetic for household appliances: exterior cladding with a high-gloss finish

pladur® Aesthetic is ideal for high-gloss exterior cladding of household appliances with special depth of field.

pladur® Aesthetic from thyssenkrupp is redefining innovation in the field of or ganic coil-coated quality flat steels, and perfectly complements the existing portfolio of the pladur® product family.

With its unique ability to imitate long-wave surface structures, it sets new standards and easily replaces elaborate enameled surfaces. Not only does this help reduce customers' energy and cost burdens, it also makes an important contribution to sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint.

pladur® Aesthetic offers impressive and brilliant color fastness, and a high gloss level. The remarkable chemical resistance and excellent formability set new standards. Compared to similar products on the market, pladur® Aesthetic scores points above all with its superior technical processing properties.

Innovative alternative for enameled surfaces

pladur® Aesthetic, the alternative for enameled surfaces of demanding household appliance manufacturers
pladur® Aesthetic, the alternative for enameled surfaces of demanding household appliance manufacturers.

pladur® Aesthetic is characterized by a high-quality appearance. Whether in the high-gloss and textured or the high-gloss and smooth version - the surface impresses with its special depth of focus. Dirt of any kind has no chance, because pladur® Aesthetic has a very low tendency to stain. And if a stain does land on the surface, it is easy to remove.

Our material is ideal for the exterior cladding of dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines, for example. Regardless of the shape of the exterior cladding, pladur® Aesthetic can be easily formed by drawing, edging, profiling and punching. Our product also complies with the new REACH regulation.

And for your climate protection ambitions, we also supply coil-coated pladur® products as bluemint® Steel – to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Delivery forms and dimensions

Delivery form
from_to in mm
from_to in mm
from_to in mm
Strip 0.15 − 2.00 600 − 1,000
Sheet 0.30 − 2.00 430 − 1,000 500 − 3,000
Not all thickness and width combinations possible.


Gloss > 90 gloss units

If you are interested in product samples, please contact us.

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