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Digital transformation at thyssenkrupp Steel

Digitization is in full swing

Data have played a major role in the highly automated steel industry for decades. Within the scope of the digital transformation, their intelligent use opens up new possibilities to further increase delivery performance and production quality.

“You see the chassis in the middle of the room? Come on, let's take a closer look at it“, says the Avatar next to me. I follow him without moving, with my laser pointer. The vehicle is now right in front of me. Transparent, three-dimensional, virtual. We can view details of the high-strength steels used in the building via our context menu. Next, we simulate a crash and test how the materials behave. Will the welds hold? And is everything inside the vehicle still intact? I stoop to look through the door. Carefully and with a funny twist so I don't hit my head. Somebody next to me is laughing – it is not the Avatar. I realize that I am standing in a conference room and wearing VR goggles, and that my virtual interlocutor is actually in another room.


ThyssenKrupp Contact

Volker Lang

Head of Digital Transformation & Innovation

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse 100
47166 Duisburg

Telephone: +49 (0)203 52-47749

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ThyssenKrupp Contact

Business Segment Steel Europe

Marcus van Marwick

Head of Communication

Telephone: +49 203 52 41005

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