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Complex-phase steel

CP-K® 780Y980T GI

New CP-K® 780Y980T GI grade improves local forming in the 1,000 MPa strength class

In the portfolio of cold-rolled multi-phase steels, complex-phase steels are the product of choice when it comes to optimized local forming properties.

Compared with conventional dual-phase steels in the same strength class these CP grades offer improved hole expansion and bendability with higher yield strength. This property profile also makes the new CP-K® 780Y980T GI grade attractive for use in crash-relevant structural parts of comparatively heavy electric vehicles. With a tensile strength of 1,000 MPa, CP-K® 780Y980T GI also closes the gap between the CP- K® 800 and CP- K® 1200 grades, further adding to the high-strength, multi-phase steel portfolio of thyssenkrupp Steel.

A special feature of CP-K® 780Y980T GI are the local forming properties typical of complex-phase steels – specifically: high hole expansion combined with outstanding bendability. With its comparatively high guaranteed yield strength of 780 MPa, which is 200 MPa higher than conventional dual-phase steels in this strength class, the new grade offers greater energy absorption, particularly in the case of lateral loads, and increased intrusion resistance.

The new body grade is supplied hot-dip galvanized and is available in thicknesses of 1.00 to 2.00 mm and widths of 1,000 to 1,450 mm. Its specific property profile makes it particularly suitable for parts with openings such as waistline reinforcements, but also for rockers and seat cross members with high strength requirements. A cold-rolled sheet grade intended particularly for use in interior seat applications will also follow shortly.

thyssenkrupp supplies the following steel grades as per the product information or the reference steel grades in accordance with the respective standards.

Complex-phase steel

Steel grade Reference grade
DIN EN 10152,
10338, 10346
Reference grade VDA 239-100 -/UC Z/GI ZF/GA ZM
CP-W®660Y760T HDT760C HR660Y760T-CP
CP-W® 800 -
CP-K® 570Y780T HCT780C CR570Y780T-CP
CP-K® 780Y980T HCT980C CR780Y980T-CP
CP-K® 900Y1180T - CR900Y1180T-CP

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