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pladur® Smooth for household appliances: Exterior trim - plain or colored, matt or glossy

pladur® Smooth brings colorful variety to the exterior cladding of household appliances: numerous colors, including metallic ones, in glossy or matte finishes.

Glossy cherry-red refrigerator or matt black oven - pladur® Smooth makes both possible. That's because our high-quality coil-coating product offers a very wide variety of surfaces: a smooth surface is available in numerous colors, including metallic ones, in glossy or matt finishes.

No matter which color and finish, pladur® Smooth can be easily reshaped. Our product is also easy to maintain, as it has little tendency to soil and is easy to clean. It is suitable for a wide variety of household appliances, but also for steel furniture. In addition, our product complies with the new REACH regulation.

With pladur® Smooth, we also offer you the ideal material solution for housings in the heating, air conditioning and ventilation industry as well as for e-mobility and solar applications. Discover more!

Technical information

Delivery forms and
from_to in mm
from_to in mm
from_to in mm
Strip 0.45−2.00 600−1.300
Sheet 0.45−2.00 600−1.300 500−6,000


Gloss 12-91 Gloss Units
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twostar**: pladur® Smooth is equipped for more possibilities

pladur® Smooth is offered by thyssenkrupp Steel in the twostar** category.

The quality class that shines in selected categories with improved performance features

pladur® is available in three quality classes so that you will find the perfect pladur® for a first-class end product for every type of household appliance - be it a refrigerator, a washing machine or an extractor hood. The most important criteria for classification are protection against corrosion, chemical resistance, wear and scratch resistance, and the material and optical properties of the surface structure. twostar** means that with pladur® Smooth we offer you more options.

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