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Customer Service

Customer Service

SERVICE is a key issue for us.

Because you as our customer are the main focus of our business.

Whether you need information about our products or our company here you have the possibility to get the latest information online.

In addition, if you have further questions regarding the organisation of the electronic data flow, or if you already have specific ideas about how to organise the electronic data flow please contact us.Our specialists will show you customised solutions specifically for your needs. Upon your request we would also like to visit you and discuss this matter in greater detail.

Organisation and electronic data flow

We also offer you customised solutions with regard to the organisation of the electronic data flow.
You already know our bar code labels according to VDA 4902 and also our works test certificates which accompany the delivery. Besides the possibility to have access to the actual status of your orders you can even further optimise your business by using our electronic data exchange solutions made for you.

Delivery call off according to VDA 4905

If you frequently order a specific product from us you can send us your requested delivery date by electronic data exchange. You do not need to print out and send or fax us your call off anymore.

Material ready for shipment according to VDA 4913

Right after your material has passed final inspection we will send you all the necessary information (Coil–nos., weight, etc.) You can already use this data in your system without having to wait on the actual material to come in.

With this information you can submit your haulier already all the data necessary to pick up the material. You can reduce the procedure of booking in material down to the scanning of the coil ID and you will still have all the information and data necessary and needed.

Delivery notes according to VDA 4913

Right at the moment the delivery note is printed out in our works, this information will be send to you directly. You will have all the necessary information already before you receive the material.
This allows you to make the procedure of receiving material much easier. Just simply type in or scan the coil ID or the code number of the delivery note and you will have all the relevant details in your system.

Works test certificates according to EDIFACT Quality Data Message D97A

Besides the possibility to receive the works test certificate along with the material in paper form you may also use the electronic data exchange for the works test certificate.

Advantage for you:

  • the information of the test certificate may be directly sorted to the material in your computer system. You do not need any longer to keep copies in a manual way and you are able to use and send the data of the works test certificate directly to your customers.

Invoices according to VDA 4906

As soon as the invoice is raised the information will be send to you on a direct way.
This makes the process of controlling and checking the invoices much easier as you can now directly compare invoice details with those of the delivery notes.

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