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Strip shape

Thanks to continuous improvements to manufacturing processes, all powercore® grades display a very flat strip shape. However, owing to physical conditions during rolling, thickness variations over strip width can only be reduced to a limited extent.

Thickness deviations1

Thickness deviations Unit NOMINAL THICKNESS inm mm
0,35 0,50 0,65 1,00
Max. deviation from nominal thickness % ±8 ±6 ±5 ±5
Max. thickness variation parallel to rolling direction within one sheet or strip with a length of 1 m % 6 4 4 4
Max. variation of thickness transverse to rolling direction at a minimum distance of 30 mm from the edge mm 0,02 0,02 0,03 0,03

1 Electrical steel for e-mobility and high frequencies according to DIN EN 10303.

Attainable strip shape depends on the hot strip shape, the rolling technology, the reduction during cold rolling/final thickness as well as on the forming properties of the material. For this reason, certain requirements can only be met by additional edge trimming.
Cold strip shape
Optimized slitting schedule

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