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digital supply chains

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digital supply chains

Connected supply chains are part of the digitization at thyssenkrupp Steel

hot rolling mill in Hohenlimburg

The hot rolling mill Precision Steel in Hohenlimburg is an example of the additional advantages of a connected supply chain. Here, the individual production processes are already harmonized in such a way that the mill can offer its customers an unprecedented range of products: “Rolling as a service“. To this end, the customers of steel products input their short-term requirements directly into the system thus triggering the production process. “High supply flexibility, even when small batch sizes are concerned, are of major importance to our customers. We are able to provide this added value through our fully digitized ordering and manufacturing processes“, says Ulrich Schneppe, Head of IT at Precision Steel. On the other side of the supply chain, the employees in the hot rolling mill check the capacity utilization of the continuous casting line in the steel mill of their upstream supplier, in order to ensure that the materials are provided on time. Another advantage is that on both sides, the highly flexible production process allows to reduce inventories and thus the amount of tied-up capital.

Seamless supply chain

Flexible order handling

The hot rolling mill thyssenkrupp Hohenlimburg is the precursor of the fully connected supply chain: There, customers can intervene directly and with system support in the production of their orders and, with a lead time of 48 to 72 hours, determine themselves when their precision strip is to be rolled. Moreover, they can readjust the material properties of the ordered products until a few hours before rolling. After the final setting, the status can be tracked online, for example via app. A "one-click order" can also be placed in this way. thyssenkrupp also benefits from the connected value chain: the plant can intervene directly in the plant control system of its starting materials supplier to ensure delivery reliability and flexibility in this respect as well.

Labs offer space for digital innovations

Labs offer space for digital innovations

Testing out ideas quickly, digitally and easily - that's what thyssenkrupp Steel makes possible in its many different labs. In Digital Labs, employees from various departments work intensively and in short sprints together on the digital transformation of the company. The only requirement: the ideas must add value for our business and customers. A current example is the push barge app. In the digital lab for this app the team is preparing our logistics for the future by equipping all push barges, which supply the thyssenkrupp plant with raw materials via the Rhine, with solar-powered GPS sensors. This will allow suppliers and steel companies to keep an eye on it and better coordinate the ship transport on a digital map.


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