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Hot forming steels

Hot forming steels - thyssenkrupp Steel

Hot forming is a leading production technology that offers the potential to reduce costs and weight in auto construction. Our hot forming manganese-boron steels combine high strength with good forming properties and are ideal for safety-relevant structural auto body parts.

Direct (one-stage) hot forming is the most commonly used process. Forming and part hardening take place in one operation. Compared with conventional processes, hot forming with MnB steels permits significantly higher part complexity at low press forces. Hot-formed body parts meet requirements for weight reduction while offering equivalent stiffness, high strength, good dimensional accuracy and improved crash behavior.

Steels and coatings for hot forming:
MBW®, tribond® and AS Pro

For hot forming thyssenkrupp supplies hot-rolled, cold-rolled and coated MBW® manganese-boron steels and the high-strength, high ductility coated composite tribond®. A newcomer to the range: AS Pro, the innovative coating for significantly improved component and process reliability in automotive engineering.

In the automotive industry MBW® manganese-boron steels are mainly used for safety-relevant structural parts, including A- and B-pillars, bumper crossbeams, side impact beams and body reinforcements. Our MBW® steels offer extremely high strengths after hot forming while retaining very good forming properties. The steel composite tribond® is a unique combination of high strength and high ductility. tribond® 1200 was specially developed to absorb as much energy as possible in the event of axial stresses, such as those caused by a front-on collision. Typical uses include longitudinal members in cars. The higher-strength tribond® 1400 is ideal for parts subjected to high bending stresses such as B-pillars.

Our materials and automotive expertise for hot forming

  • Materials: Our portfolio of hot forming steels includes hot-rolled, cold-rolled and coated MBW® manganese-boron steels and the high-strength, high ductility, AS-coated composite tribond®.
  • Tailored tempering: Established and patented process for hot forming that makes it possible to integrate different, precisely controlled elongation and strength properties into different areas of the same monolithic part.

Overview of hot forming products

MBW® – manganese-boron steel for hot forming

MBW® manganese-boron steels offer extremely high strengths and good forming properties, permitting weight savings when used for crash-relevant structural and safety parts in vehicle construction.

Product details

tribond® – composite for hot forming

tribond® combines strength with high energy absorption to permit significant weight savings in crash-relevant parts with complex geometries.

Product details
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