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Modern construction: Organic coil-coated steels open new perspectives

Modern architecture places high demands on aesthetics and function. As an innovative material, the high-grade steel made by thyssenkrupp ensures building solutions merging with the surroundings in an environmentally sound way due to their colored organic coatings.

One of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe’s aims is for buildings to merge harmoniously with their surroundings in an environmentally friendly way through the use of colored organic coatings.

Thorsten Holtermann, architect at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

Our sheets coated with the coil-coating process offer high quality, good processability and optimal corrosion protection. In addition, they feature a wide variety of surfaces for the design of facades. The steel business of thyssenkrupp provides totally new perspectives to engineers, architects, design engineers and project developers: from the roof to the wall up to garage doors, from air-conditioning and sanitary systems to interior fittings and steel engineering.

Especially flexible to use is the organic coil-coated high-grade flat steel pladur®. Among other things, it is manufactured into high-grade structural elements for roofs and facades and garage doors of the highest quality. Within product innovations, also our walls with the anti-graffiti coating as well as the range of colors reflections One provide new impetus, while our innovative steels with zinc-aluminum alloys or zinc-magnesium coatings round off the portfolio.

Together with our customers, we develop customer and application specific pladur®innovations promptly.

Ice crystals for facades Industries thyssenkrupp Steel Europe
pladur® Relief Icecrystal - Ice crystals for facades

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