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High-quality multistory construction with pladur®: accents for modern architecture

 The luxury hotel Öschberhof: an example of a multistory-construction project with pladur® Relief Icecrystal − and a design of the architectural office Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten..

Our organic coil-coated flat steel is ideal for upscale architectural projects. Be it facade cladding, roofing or interior design, our pladur® product line is the best choice if you want to realize your multistory construction projects in line with a modern and esthetic architectural style and at the same time set great score by cost­effectiveness, sustainability and functionality.

The combination of a flat carbon steel with a high-quality coating allows almost infinite application solutions in facade (e.g. for metal curtain walls or house facades) and interior design. We offer architects, planners, building owners and craftsmen our sustainable material pladur® in high-quality color designs and individual surface textures. This material can be formed into any conceivable shape and is particularly cost-effective.

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Unlimited possibilities of facade design with pladur®

As one of the world's leading steelmakers and Europe's most competent coil coater, producing and supplying groundbreaking materials comes as second nature to us. Since 1959, we have been continuously developing our organic coil-coated products for metal curtain walls, house facades, roof claddings and interior construction elements. The spectrum of surface finishes of pladur® ranges from deep matt through smooth and high-gloss, with a light texture modeled on nature, down to individual developments. The material, which is available in a multitude of colors and surfaces, can be processed without any problems. Be it panels, liner trays or edgings – pladur® can be formed by almost any method, including bending, drawing, press braking, profiling, stamping and roll forming – without compromising quality. And since durability is our top priority, facade claddings are optimally protected against corrosion and UV exposure. That is why choosing pladur® continues to pay off long into the future. Moreover, we ensure a climate- and resource-efficient material selection and production. Our pladur® products are EDP-certified. Let yourself be inspired!

Selected pladur® products for multistory construction

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60 years of pladur®: our pladur® range for perfect facades since 1959!

The organic coating brings variety, color and character to the steel facade. Take a look!

pladur® is available in three quality classes − in a class of its own in every respect


Multistory construction with pladur® onestar*.

Always attractive – from monochrome to brightly colored.

The pladur® onestar* class demonstrates how buildings can be given high-quality architectural or functional highlights without breaking the budget. This proven material helps provide a more attractive appearance for all types of multistory building – with long-lasting effect: resistance to corrosion, UV radiation and wear are built into this robust material, which is available in virtually any color.

Everything you need to stay looking good for decades.

Architects and construction engineers will also particularly appreciate the outstanding quality and excellent processing properties of pladur®. Unusual shapes, joining, bonding – all these are possible, and without compromising on quality. Building owners will be delighted by another aspect: outstanding value for money. pladur® onestar* in particular scores very highly in this respect, for example in comparison with conventional materials such as aluminum.


Multistory construction with pladur® twostar**.

Bringing out esthetic features.

Whether the aim is for buildings to blend in or stand out – with pladur® everything is possible. High-quality pladur® twostar** materials are available in a wide range of colors and numerous surface textures to create special effects. The prefinished materials display high resistance to corrosion and wear, and additional properties can also be provided on request, for example when easy-to-clean surfaces are required for esthetic reasons.

Everything you need for fascinating facades.

Whatever your color or functional requirements as an architect or building owner, with pladur® twostar** you can relax in the knowledge that even the most unusual ideas can be realized. For component manufacturers, the focus is also on the very good processability of the building material − this enables a wide range of elements to be manufactured for a wide variety of component solutions.


Multistory construction with pladur® threestar***.

Steel appeal.

In addition to providing employees a place to work, company headquarters often perform a signature function to demonstrate the organization’s high quality standards. pladur® threestar*** is the perfect solution – permitting a combination of premium color creations and custom surface textures to emphasize the exclusive character of the buildings, both outside and inside.

Everything you need to give buildings greater character and personality.

With its zinc-magnesium coating, pladur® also offers outstanding corrosion protection, along with extremely high resistance to both UV radiation and wear (e.g., scratching). And the materials also retain their color to ensure the outstanding visual standards of the building do not fade over time.

But applications for pladur® are not limited to facades. It can be used for other outside or inside surfaces, e.g., for interior ceilings to improve acoustics.

pladur® threestar*** also displays excellent bending, deep drawing and profiling properties. Overall pladur® offers architects, building owners and panel manufacturers complete freedom to give each building its own unique character.

Customer focus delivered as standard

To enjoy continued success in market, it’s important to be very close to the market and its players. As one of Europe’s leading coil coaters, we collaborate closely with our business partners, customers and suppliers. Within our organization, our technology, innovation and sales functions are united in their focus on meeting and even exceeding the requirements of pladur® users.


Our partners

Part manufacture with pladur®

Unsere Partner für die Bauteilherstellung mit pladur®
DS Stahl GmbH

Our large range of steel profiles can be used to produce attractive and long-lasting roof and facade solutions for numerous applications. Our broad portfolio combined with our engineering expertise opens up almost endless possibilities. That means safe and practical solutions, but also special and unconventional results that benefit every building owner. The high-quality coatings, e.g. pladur® Relief Icecrystal, enable the individual, unique design of building envelopes in many attractive colors and with interesting profiles, such as the DS Premium facade profile. Naturally we also supply a complete range of accessories in all variants.


DS Stahl GmbH
Feldstrasse 1
27419 Lengenbostel
Tel. +49 42 82 59 48 30
Fax +49 42 82 59 48 55
[email protected]

Steel facade elements

For more than 65 years LAUKIEN has been manufacturing steel panels, liner trays, cladding materials, trapezoidal and corrugated profiles for tailored, high-quality facade designs. High product quality, a wide range of different shapes and structures and the flexibility to realize even individual ideas successfully combine to make LAUKIEN a specialist in the field of metal facades. Our expert customer support team is available to support you in all phases of the project.


Hans Laukien GmbH
Borsigstrasse 23
24145 Kiel
Tel. +49 431 7187-0
Fax +49 431 7187-250
[email protected]

Christian Pohl GmbH

Christian Pohl GmbH has over 150 years’ experience in facade construction and sheet metal processing. We always manufacture to customer specifications and work with you to develop your individual facade and sheet metal solution. Our team of specialists and experienced employees will also be pleased to support you in the planning, consulting and technical execution of system and custom facades. We handle all your project needs from initial idea to delivery to ensure your wishes and expectations are met in full. Whether you are planning a new building or modernization project: Make a custom-made POHL facade your hallmark − we look forward to working with you.


Christian Pohl GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Strasse 6
50769 Cologne
Tel. +49 221 70911-0
Fax +49 221 70891-23
[email protected]


With the almost unlimited possibilities provided by unidirectional and freely programmable 3D forming, Fielitz GmbH offers architects and building owners a wide variety of attractive and architecturally sophisticated designs for the facades and interiors of their buildings. The Fielitz GmbH showroom contains a large number of previously developed designs that can be used as a starting point. But we are of course also pleased to develop custom solutions based on personal designs.


Fielitz GmbH
Im Weiherfeld 5
85051 Ingolstadt
Tel. +49 (0) 84193514-0
[email protected]

We give your building a face!

The term facade originates from the Latin word “facies” meaning face. And like a face, the facade determines the appearance of a building and gives it a character of its own. But in addition to looking good, facade materials must also be functional and durable. thyssenkrupp has the ideal material: pladur® − attractive, innovative, sustainable. Hebrok knows how to use it: custom-made and built to last.


Hebrok GmbH & Co. KG
Herforder Strasse 309
33609 Bielefeld
Tel. +49 521-970500
Fax +49 521 9705020
[email protected]

Lummel GmbH & Co. KG

From our origins as traditional plumbers, we now ingeniously combine craftsmanship with contemporary history to create industrial perfection. This synthesis gives building owners and architects the greatest possible design freedom. You can use our solutions to turn your visionary ideas into reality − worldwide.


Lummel GmbH & Co. KG
Julius-Echter-Strasse 65
97753 Karlstadt
Tel. +49 9353 941-0
Fax +49 9353 941-44
[email protected]


As specialists for metal rainscreen facades, we invest all our passion into your idea. Our goal is to create the perfect tailor-made suit for your building! Whether you’re seeking solutions for new buildings, modernization projects or special structures, as manufacturers of metal facades, specialist planners and facade builders we offer you first-class facade systems. SCHRAG provides comprehensive service from the initial consultation, design and dimensioning, and construction of sample facades to the realization of your building project.

Detailed and above all forward-looking planning is the key to project success. With the SCHRAG|Facade Planner we provide you with the tools for planning and tendering for a SCHRAG facade.


SCHRAG Fassaden GmbH, Jagdschänkenstrasse 108, 09116 Chemnitz
Tel. +49 371 8 42 36-0, Fax +49 371 8 42 36 20, [email protected]

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