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pladur® Primed for household appliances: basecoat for best bright white tones

For exterior cladding of household appliances: pladur® Primed is a basecoat that enables, among other things, very bright white tones.

No good topcoat result without a good basecoat: pladur® Primed enables the best results. Our primer coating establishes basic adhesion to the substrate and at the same time ensures adhesion to the subsequent topcoat. The product for powder coating is available pre-pigmented in color and white. With the latter, it is possible to achieve very bright white tones in the final coating of the outer cladding of household appliances. pladur® Primed is very easy to shape and is ideal for e.g. side panels of commercial washing machines.

Technical information

Delivery forms and
from_to in mm
from_to in mm
from_to in mm
Strip 0.45−2.00 600−1.300
Sheet 0.45−2.00 600−1.300 500−6,000


Gloss 10-96 Gloss units
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onestar*: pladur® Primed has everything to do a brilliant job

To do a brilliant job, thyssenkrupp Steel offers pladur® Primed in the onestar* category

The quality class that stands out for its particularly economical price-performance ratio

pladur® is available in three quality classes, so that you will find the perfect pladur® for a first-class end product for every type of household appliance - be it a refrigerator, a washing machine or a cooker hood. The most important criteria in the classification are protection against corrosion, chemical resistance, wear and scratch resistance, and the material and optical properties of the surface structure. We offer pladur® Primed in the onestar* category, which means it has fundamentally impressive qualities.

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