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EuroBLECH 2022: Focus on innovative products and climate transformation

EuroBLECH in Hanover, Germany

EuroBLECH 2022

October 25 - 28, 2022 in Hannover, Germany

Fair topics at a glance

We will be presenting our comprehensive portfolio for economical lightweight steel seat structures: from highly ductile, close-tolerance hot-rolled and medium-rolled strip to cold-rolled, high-strength multiphase steels with best forming and joining properties. Also on show: our hot-forming steels MBW® with new coating AS Pro, which ensure maximum component and process reliability in vehicle construction, and new high-ductility micro-alloyed (HD) steels perform® and precidur® with excellent processing properties for the chassis.

We will be pleased to provide you with detailed information on our path to climate-neutral steel production: climate-neutral by 2045, more than 30% CO2 savings by 2030. In line with this, we will present our bluemint® products in applications in which CO2 is already being saved today.

We are looking forward to your visit in Hall 17, Booth E33 and to a personal exchange. Please register in advance of the trade fair via your customer advisor.

We will observe all hygiene and safety regulations and will provide you with latest information in advanced to the trade fair.

Product highlights EuroBLECH

Comprehensive portfolio for economical lightweight steel seat structures

From highly ductile close-tolerance hot-rolled strip and medium-wide strip to cold-rolled high-strength multiphase steels - including best forming and joining properties. New in product range: uncoated dual-phase and complex-phase steels with strengths of 800 and 1,000 megapascals.

Product details

Hot-rolled lightweight steels with optimum processability for the chassis

A wide range of hot strip products for cost-effective lightweight construction of high-strength chassis parts. New in our product portfolio: Micro-alloyed perform® HD grades in yield strength range 315 to 550 MPa, Chassis steel CH-W® also in hot-dip galvanized.

Product details

Micro-alloyed fine-grained structural steel precidur®

Particularly in the case of safety-relevant components, functional and design aspects are playing an increasing role alongside reliability – which demands the highest forming capacity of the basic material. This is precisely where the two newly developed grades precidur® HSM 380 HD and precidur® HSM 420 HD provide the answer.

Product details

Modern advanced high strength steels (AHSS) jetQ®

In order to be involved in the design of the next generation of modern AHSS, thyssenkrupp Steel is cooperating closely in its development with Japanese steel producer JFE Steel Corporation. The result: the highly ductile grades jetQ® 980 and jetQ® 1180 for geometrically complex crash structures in vehicle bodies.

Product details

MBW® AS Pro – The next generation of hot forming

MBW® AS Pro stands for maximum component and process reliability in vehicle construction. The new coating significantly minimizes process-related hydrogen absorption during the annealing process in hot stamping and also ensures a more economical manufacturing process. New: For all coated MBW® steels from 500 to 1,500 MPa available.

Product details

Surfaces for car body panels

With our hot-dip galvanized and electrogalvanized sheet, we offer a range of products tailored to the specific processing requirements of the automotive industry. Fall 2022: Commissioning of new hot-dip coating line in Dortmund, Germany.

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Further topics

Dual-phase steels – Tailored portfolio for modern lightweight construction

Dual-phase steels are the classic universal grades when it comes to high and ultra-high strengths combined with good forming and joining properties.

Product details

E-mobility initiative selectrify®

thyssenkrupp Steel bundles its electromobility research and development activities under the selectrify® initiative. Cost-effective lightweight solutions for vehicle structure, highly stable safety battery housing, and especially efficient electrical drive motors made from electrical steel all demonstrate the enormous potential of innovative steel solutions for vehicles with electric powertrains.

Product details

Wear-resistant cut-to-length sheets perdur®

perdur® is the new brand when it comes to innovative, wear-resistant cut-to-length sheet metal coupled with a comprehensive service package.

Product details

Hardenable boron steel TBL®

TBL® steels are characterized by a combination of high wear resistance and excellent forming properties and heat-treatability.

Product details

Organic coated strip and sheet pladur®

As Europe's coil coating pioneer, we produce organic coil-coated material solutions that convince in every respect. Under the pladur® brand, we offer customers from the home appliance, trailer and door & gate industries as well as from multistory and industrial construction an almost infinite variety of top-quality products.

Product details
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