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Organic coil-coated sheet and strip

Sheet and coated products set standards - thyssenkrupp Steel

As one of the leading producers of organic-coated flat-rolled products we supply our customers with materials that are also highly cost efficient. In many sectors, the use of pre-finished steel already delivers significant cost advantages by eliminating the extra time and costs associated with post-painting. But we also do everything we can to ensure our customers make the most of our materials’ potential – for example through expert advice on design and fabrication.

With our steadily growing range of pladur® products we already cover a broad spectrum of applications: from the reflections color scales for industrial and commercial buildings to our new metallic finishes for the appliance industry. And there’s plenty more to come from coil coating technology.

pladur® Aesthetic
pladur® Aesthetic Print
pladur® Anti Condensate
pladur® Basic
pladur® Cool
pladur® Daylight
pladur® Decor
pladur® Deluxe
pladur® Durable
pladur® Flexible
pladur® Indoor
pladur® Lotus
pladur® Metal Look
pladur® Multishell
pladur® Primed
pladur® Print
pladur® Prove
reflections One
pladur® Relief Icecrystal
pladur® Relief Stone
pladur® Relief Wood
pladur® Resistent
pladur® Robust
pladur® Script
pladur® Shine
pladur® Smooth
pladur® Standing Seam
pladur® Stripes
pladur® Strong
pladur® Structured
pladur® Sunlight
pladur® Sunlight Plus
pladur® Thermosafe
pladur® Tough
pladur® Wrinkle
reflections Cinc
reflections Pearl

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