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Our sheet and coated products

Sheet and coated products set standards - thyssenkrupp Steel

In the area of sheet steel, the steel business of thyssenkrupp provides a wide range of coated products in addition to its cold-rolled products. The comprehensive performance portfolio in the area of hot-dip finished sheet steels ranges from protective coatings made from pure zinc, zinc-iron (galvannealed) via zinc-magnesium surface finishing up to the aluminum-based coating variations such as (hot-dip aluminized sheet steel, galfan® and galvalume®. In addition, we also offer electrolytically galvanized sheet steel.

In more than ten coating facilities, surfaces are developed for various applications and highest demands – with an excellent flatness, smaller layer thicknesses and high corrosion protection. Special products such as the hot-dip aluminized manganese-boron steel MBW® 1500+AS or our special texture primetex® for an excellent appearance of paint emphasize the quality requirements from the steel business of thyssenkrupp.

pladur® Aesthetic
pladur® Aesthetic Print
pladur® Anti Condensate
pladur® Basic
pladur® Cool
pladur® Daylight
pladur® Decor
pladur® Deluxe
pladur® Durable
pladur® Flexible
pladur® Indoor
pladur® Lotus
pladur® Metal Look
pladur® Multishell
pladur® Primed
pladur® Print
pladur® Prove
pladur® Relief Icecrystal
pladur® Relief Stone
pladur® Relief Wood
pladur® Resistent
pladur® Robust
pladur® Script
pladur® Shine
pladur® Smooth
pladur® Standing Seam
pladur® Stripes
pladur® Strong
pladur® Structured
pladur® Sunlight
pladur® Sunlight Plus
pladur® Thermosafe
pladur® Tough
pladur® Wrinkle
reflections One
reflections Cinc
reflections Pearl


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