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Blechexpo 2023: Unlock your green potential

thyssenkrupp Steel at Blechexpo in Stuttgart

Blechexpo 2023

Stuttgart Exhibition Center

International sheet metal processing exhibition

Welcome to Blechexpo

If it's November, then it was that time again: Under the motto "Unlock your green potential," we presented tkH2Steel® to you at our Stand – this is one of the world's largest industrial decarbonization projects for carbon-neutral steel production. We were showcasing products that allow you to make your value chains more environmentally friendly: whether it's high-performance steels for lightweight construction in the automotive industry with efficient use of resources, or durable, robust, and sustainable steels for solar installations. CO2-reduced bluemint® steels are already supporting our customers' climate change mitigation ambitions today.

Green transformation for sustainable high-quality flat steel

tkH2Steel®: Pioneering concept with unique and innovative plant combination

At an interactive exhibit, you could disvover how innovative plant technology works and how a direct reduction plant with downstream, electrically operated melters will be integrated into Europe's biggest steel mill. The subsequent production steps after the steel mill remain unchanged, resulting in high-quality, future carbon-neutral steel from Duisburg in future.

bluemint® Steel: CO2-reduced steels support the climate change mitigation ambitions of our customers

Even today, CO2 can be saved on the traditional blast furnace route. The real CO2 savings in the production of bluemint® Steel are helping metal-processing manufacturers and their customers to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their Scope 3 goals. We presented examples off our customers' products made using CO2-reduced bluemint® Steel.

ZM Ecoprotect® Solar: The steel for PV substructures

Solar parks need a robust mounting structure with effective corrosion protection in order to generate green energy economically and sustainably. With ZM Ecoprotect® Solar, thyssenkrupp Steel is now offering high-performance, zinc-magnesium-coated steels for PV mounting systems – durable, robust and sustainable.

Sustainable corrosion protection solution for PV mounting systems

  • Husbanding of zinc resources by cutting down the use of zinc
  • 100% recyclable
  • And for a clear CO2 saving also available as bluemint® Steel

Material of Mobility: Versatile solutions for the highest requirements

Modern advanced high strength steels jetQ®

To help shape the next generation of modern advanced high strength steels (AHSS), thyssenkrupp Steel is cooperating closely in development with the Japanese steel manufacturer JFE. The result: The highly ductile AHSS grades jetQ® 980 and jetQ® 1180 for geometrically complex crash structures.

Product details

MBW® AS Pro – the next generation of hot forming

MBW® AS Pro stands for maximum component and process reliability in vehicle construction. The new coating significantly minimizes process-related hydrogen absorption during the annealing process in hot stamping, and also ensures a more economical mproduction process. Ready for series production: MBW® 1900+AS Pro, the optimum combination for maximum performance of hot formed components.

Product details

Hot-rolled lightweight steels with optimum processability for chassis

A wide range of hot strip products for cost-effective lightweight construction of high-strength chassis parts. Now in series production: Ultra-high-strength hot-rolled multiphase steel CH-W® 700Y950T with optimized hole expansion and micro-alloyed HD steels perform® 315 HD to 550 HD with uniform properties and improved elongation at break.

Product details

Comprehensive portfolio for cost-effective lightweight steel seat structures

From highly ductile close-tolerance hot-rolled strip and medium-wide strip to cold-rolled high-strength multiphase steels - including best forming and joining properties. Now in series production: Uncoated dual-phase and complex-phase steels with strengths of 800 and 1,000 megapascals.

Product details

Micro-alloyed fine-grained structural steel precidur®

Particularly in the case of safety-relevant components, functional and design aspects are playing an increasing role alongside reliability – which demands the highest forming capacity of the basic material. This is precisely where the two newly developed grades precidur® HSM 380 HD and precidur® HSM 420 HD provide the answer.

Product details

Electrical steel for highly efficient drives

The powercore® Traction non grain-oriented grades for electric mobilty meet the demands of high-performing and efficient drive systems. They are very thin, have homogeneous mechanical properties, low core losses, and high polarization. High efficiency, low losses: electrical steel from thyssenkrupp Steel is the automotive material of the future.

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