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Research and Development

We advance our customer by R&D focused on the customer demands for grain oriented electrical Steel.

GO manufacturing requires a lot of experience and technological expertise, therefore our R&D team is closed to the plants to improve continuously the performance of the GO production.

We further increase the process and product knowledge by collaboration with high skill Institutes and Universities and we are committed within International Standards Bodies.

  • The engineering of new technologies for the production process and the optimization of the metallurgic processing steps improve the magnetic and the technological properties of the existing GO grades.
  • For tomorrow product, we take a systematic approach to Innovation by our Time to Market process in order to develop faster new grades and suitable insulation coatings, thanks to our TOP Lab. equipment for process simulations and for material characterizations.
  • Together with our customers, we co-develop optimal solutions for the electromagnetic systems; by the right choice and best use of GO grades, and assistance regarding the design and the manufacturing of the magnetic cores.
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