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Purpose, vision & mission - The driving force of thyssenkrupp Steel


What do we stand for as thyssenkrupp Steel, and what do we aim to achieve in the future? Why do we do what we do? What do we believe in, and to what do we commit ourselves? These questions are answered by our Purpose and Vision, which point out our clear pathway into the future.

Why are we there, what drives us?

Our Purpose:

Our sustainably produced steel is the foundation of industrial value creation.

Our aspiration is to be a sustainable company. That is why we gear our production to ecological sustainability, and in doing so we secure jobs and prosperity in the future. Our product is steel – for over one hundred years we have been the steel experts in Germany, producing high-quality steels for demanding customers. Our steel is the starting point for the industrial value chain. As a pivotal material for the energy and mobility revolution, among other things, it is impossible to imagine industry without it.

Where do we want to go, what is our goal?

Our Vision:

As Europe's leading producer of premium green steel, we are the partner of choice for our customers.

Our aim is to cover a significant part of Europe's steel requirements. Our production processes and supply chains are sustainably positioned. We supply our customers with green steel, which enables them to achieve their decarbonization targets. The quality of our steels, compliance with decarbonization requirements and high reliability make us the preferred partner for our customers. We are one of the major steel producers with innovative product solutions and first-class product quality.

Our fundamental values characterize the basis on which we work together.

They are the foundation of our success:

1. Responsibility means taking a proactive approach in the overall interest, irrespective of the individual interest.

2. Courage means acting with determination and boldness. And not letting doubt and uncertainty prevent making a decision.

3. Openness means considering alternative options without bias.

4. Appreciation is the recognizable, sincere interest in views and opinions of others.

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