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Ready for the challenges of the future.
Our vision.

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thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse 100

47166 Duisburg, Germany

+49 (0)203 52-0

thyssenkrupp’s Steel business is a leading supplier of flat-rolled carbon steel. Our vision sets the framework for how we want to continue this long-running success story: for our customers, our employees, and the communities we are part of.

Steel is part of thyssenkrupp – as part of a large, international group of companies

thyssenkrupp Quartier

thyssenkrupp is an international group of companies comprising largely independent industrial and technology businesses. Across 60 countries the group generated sales of €29 billion in fiscal 2019/2020. Under a strong umbrella brand our products and services make an important contribution to creating a better and sustainable future. The skills and commitment of our 104,000 employees are the basis of our success. With our technologies and innovations, we work with our customers to develop cost-efficient and resource-friendly solutions to future challenges. We combine performance orientation with corporate and social responsibility.

We are guided in this by our slogan:
engineering. tomorrow. together.
Read on to find out how we bring this slogan to life.

engineering. tomorrow. together. – Three words that describe who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Skills and personality are at the core of our brand promise

Our skills

1. Understanding current and future customer/market needs

We listen, give suggestions, and co-develop with our customers

2. Delivering competitive products, services and solutions

We deliver reliable and high quality products, services and solutions with precision and a superior cost-benefit ratio

3. Creating relevant technology and business innovations

We strive to find technology and business solutions which cater to future customer/market needs and allow customers to "better" meet the requirements for "more"

Our personality

4. Leading the way

We act with foresight and a solution-oriented mindset to progress our customers, employees, and other stakeholders

5. Acting as a reliable partner

We act in an honest, authentic, and responsive manner towards customers, employees, and other stakeholders; we have a long-term orientation

6. Empowering and exciting people

We foster respectful collaboration across functions, businesses, regions, and levels; we encourage our team members to take responsibility – for themselves and for others; we strive for a modern work environment

7. Building on strong experience

We build on our (German) roots and our global footprint as the source of our expertise and successful innovation

Our vision

We see steel as the material of the future.

We are playing an active part in the transformation of our industry and ushering in a new era for our customers, our company and our employees..

As employees and as a company we are leaders in the European steel market.

We are innovative, competent, efficient and profitable.

We are the partner of choice for our customers. Working with them we will continue adding to our long-running success story, shaping the market and our region.

Because for us, “engineering. tomorrow. together.” is more than just a brand slogan. It is a promise: to our customers, our employees and our material.

Our vision: Customers

Streetscooter auf dem Gelände von thyssenkrupp

Technology partner to our customers

technology partner

Innovative solutions for the future

Whatever our customers require, our priority is always to come up with a solution that is sustainable and innovative and will give our customers an edge going forward.

Various projects have confirmed that this is the right approach. One of them is the StreetScooter, the first all-electric delivery van used by the parcel service Deutsche Post DHL Group. Or take the MINI from BMW. Our ZM Ecoprotect zinc-magnesium coating for steel sets new standards for corrosion protection and processing.

These projects show that steel is a material that still has a great deal to offer in terms of development and innovation

Our vision: Employees

Employees of thyssenkrupp

Company of choice for highly qualified employees

Dr. Brigitte Hammer

We are a strong team

The innovative ideas and energy of our employees are key to developing and positioning steel as the material of the future and maintaining our leading position on the European market.

This pioneering role is made possible for example by 19 patents, courtesy of Dr. Brigitte Hammer and safe passenger cells, courtesy of Dr. Ekaterina Bocharova. And of course by engineers who ensure that new products are also practical to use and produce.

Our vision: Products

Verbundwerkstoffe von thyssenkrupp

Supplier of a broad range of quality products

Slit strip

Steel, the material of the future

We are fully convinced of steel’s potential. It is versatile and sustainable. And thanks to steel, tomorrow starts today.

Our powercore®® electrical steels are a good example of this. In various applications they are driving the transition to renewables – as core materials for generators, transformers and motors. On the other hand MBW® is already offering car manufacturers new ways of saving weight while at the same time enhancing occupant safety.

Our vision: Community

In the neighborhood of thyssenkrupp

Dependable corporate citizen

sinter plant

Environmental and social responsiblity

As a major industrial enterprise, thyssenkrupp’s Steel business is aware of its environmental and social responsibility. We therefore work constantly to develop technologies that help keep the footprint of a major organization as small as possible.

Reducing our CO2 emissions plays a key role in this. To this end, we have developed a clear strategy that focuses on avoiding emissions through the use of hydrogen on the one hand, and on the use of emissions through our Carbon2Chem technology on the other.

With the world's largest fabric filter in Duisburg, Germany, we also manage to filter almost 100 percent of the dust produced in the production of sinter, thus ensuring clean air.

We are particularly pleased that our efforts are being noticed and recognized. For example, thyssenkrupp's award as a leader in climate protection by the non-profit organization CDP was a special honor for us.

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