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Insulation types

stabolit® 10 offers high surface insulation resistance and is therefore ideal for small and medium-size machines as well as small transformers whose cores are assembled by clamping, riveting or similar. Significantly improved punchability – up to three times longer die life compared with uncoated dry-punched electrical steel.

stabolit® 20 has high elevated-temperature strength and very good weldability and is ideal for small and medium-size machines as well as miniature transformers, also with welded cores. Provides improved punchability and adequate insulation resistance despite low coating thickness.

stabolit® 60 is a pigmented organicinorganic insulation coating. It displays very good weldability and punchability at low coating thickness. Other outstanding properties are corrosion protection and high elevated-temperature strength. This insulation is therefore ideal for processing operations in which the material is exposed to thermal stresses, e.g. welding, die casting or stress relief annealing. The insulation is also suitable as an anti-stick coating.

stabolit®70 was developed for the adhesive bonding of laminations and is therefore the optimum solution for applications where other assembly methods cause unacceptable magnetic disruptions (e.g. in stepper motors, linear motors or large magnets).
Laminations bonded with stabolit® 70 can also be used as active end plates in medium-size and large machines as well as large deflection systems; electrically and magnetically they behave like laminated cores, but mechanically like a solid body (processing information on request).

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