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pladur® Relief Icecrystal –
coolly elegant facades

With its patented design based on natural ice crystals, the glittering surface of pladur® Relief Icecrystal lends unique texture and color to the facades of upscale architectural projects. High-end multi-story properties clad in this organic coil-coated steel exude a special charm all of their own, as color and texturing change depending on light and viewing angle.

Unique character – guaranteed. pladur® Relief Icecrystal offers architects and building owners numerous advantages and special features, in terms of both appearance and performance.

Here’s a selection:

Impressive surface topography

With its shimmering, iridescent, intricate surface patterns modeled on natural ice crystals, pladur® Relief Icecrystal lends a striking vibrancy to selected building parts or entire facades.

High wear resistance

Under normal conditions pladur® Relief Icecrystal is resistant to abrasive, rolling, impact and scratching wear and thermal effects.

Excellent processing

Bending, drawing, press braking, profiling, stamping and roll forming – pladur® Relief Icecrystal is ideal for almost all manufacturing methods.

As eco-friendly as it gets

pladur® Relief Icecrystal is also environmentally friendly – from climate and resource friendly materials to almost unlimited service life in architectural applications to full recyclability. Our pladur® products comply with the relevant REACH regulations. In addition the organic coatings are completely free of chromates and CMR substances.

If you are interested in product samples and/or color cards, please contact us.

Technical information

Delivery forms and
from_to in mm
from_to in mm
from_to in mm
Strip 0.45–1.25 600–1,250
Sheet 0.45–1.25 600–1,250 450–6,000

*Special/project colors from 500 m2. Use of panels from same batch recommended.

Further sizes on request.


Gloss Generally matt: 2 to 15 gloss units, depending on pattern there may be some high-gloss areas.
Corrosion resistance/ length of protection RC3/C3H to C4L
Fire resistance A2 (to DIN 4102/in accordance with approval Z-56.426-65)
RUV class RUV 4

Setting standards, creating highlights

Facades with pladur® Relief Icecrystal

Design freedom in the most fascinating forms

Individually formed elements are just as simple to produce with pladur® Relief Icecrystal as standard parts made by press braking or roll forming. So complete facades and roofs can be made just as attractive and distinctive as individual interior or exterior elements.

The surface of our material is incomparable in the truest sense of the word: Firstly it can only be produced using our special process, and secondly no two elements are alike as the texture cannot be mass reproduced.

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