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pladur® Relief Wood –
carved from the finest steel

With a surface texture modeled on high-quality wood, pladur® Relief Wood gives a natural look to buildings or individual building sections. This robust, organic coil-coated material helps structures blend harmoniously into rural environments or stand out in urban or industrial areas.

Wood-look facades

High resistance, natural charm. pladur® Relief Wood offers architects and building owners numerous advantages and special features, in terms of both appearance and performance.

Here’s a selection:

Surface texture with a natural wood-like appearance

The material is designed to look like wood, but in building projects it has huge advantages over its natural counterpart. For example, it requires far less maintenance.

High resistance

The thicker coating provides good resistance to weathering. The textured surface is resistant to denting and less liable to contamination than comparable matt, smooth polyester coatings. In practical use, scratch resistance is high compared with polyester.

Outstanding formability

pladur® Relief Wood can be formed into almost any shape to allow the production of even unusual and custom components. The material is suitable for bending, drawing, press braking, profiling, stamping and roll forming.

Environmentally aware

Managing environmental impact throughout the product life cycle is an integral part of our work. Our pladur® products comply with the relevant REACH regulations. The organic coatings are completely free of chromates and CMR substances.

If you are interested in product samples and/or color cards, please contact us.

Technical information

Delivery forms and
from_to in mm
from_to in mm
from_to in mm
Strip 0.40-1.25 600-1,300
Sheet 0.40-1.25 600-1,300 450-6,000

* Special/project colors from 500 m2. Use of panels from same batch recommended.

Further sizes on request.


Gloss Generally matt: 2 to 15 gloss units, depending on pattern there may be some high-gloss areas
Corrosion resistance/ length of protection RC3/C3H to C4L
Fire resistance A2 (to DIN 4102/in accordance with approval Z-56.426-65)
RUV class RUV 4

Guarantee information

On request we can provide specific guarantees for your planned project using pladur® Relief Wood. Please contact us for information on guarantees.

Modern, natural, vibrant appearance

facade with pladur® Relief Wood

Advantages of steel with the look of wood

From small details to the overall effect: pladur® Relief Wood allows you to realize your plans for architecture with the look of wood but the structural advantages of steel. Whether it’s panels, liner trays or edgings: Both standard parts and custom elements are easy to produce with pladur® Relief Wood.

With its unique surface, pladur® Relief Wood is a special material with a look and feel that can only be produced by thyssenkrupp. Two finishes are available as standard with different textural and color nuances, so you can choose the most suitable pladur® Relief Wood for your building project.

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