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School students

Start your professional development with thyssenkrupp Steel Europe – we offer a wide range of possibilities.

Are you about to take your school-leaving exams, or have you already done them? Or are you still at school but already starting to think about your future career? Apprenticeship, university – or both? thyssenkrupp Steel Europe offers numerous options to make the best possible start to your professional life. Here you can find out more about work experience for school students, our apprenticeships and possibilities for integrated degree courses.

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A great way to start your professional career

Don't worry!

Leaving school and starting work is a big step for many school students. Even if you’ll still be going to (vocational) school some of the time, joining a company is a pretty exciting move. The most important thing to remember is: Don’t worry! No one is going to give you a hard time or make things difficult. On the contrary, everyone wants to help you become a good colleague. Show respect to others and they will show respect to you. That starts with the application process and continues into your daily working life. There’s also no need to be nervous around supervisors, your trainers or older colleagues: They will all be pleased to share their experience with you and help you do your job well. Trust them, they will also trust you. Once you get here you’ll see: There’s no need to be afraid of applying!

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Over 1,000 apprentices being trained in around 20 professions: We train a lot of people. And we’re very good at it! A commercial or technical apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp is a great start to your professional career.

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Apprenticeship + degree

If you can’t decide whether to do an apprenticeship or go to university, why not do both? With our integrated degree course we train you and at the same time you study towards a bachelor’s degree.

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Student internship & career orientation

Are you still at school and have either a day for career orientation or one to two weeks to do work experience? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we offer both. And during this time we want you to find out as much as possible about the professional opportunities we can offer!

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