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Overview of advanced high-strength steels

Mehrphasenstähle - thyssenkrupp Steel

Advanced high-strength steels are key to leveraging lightweighting potential in the automotive industry, particularly in the production of crash-relevant structural parts and complex-shaped components at reduced weight and cost.

By fine tuning the different microstructure constituents with their individual properties, the characteristic material properties of advanced high-strength steels can be controlled and optimized for the intended application. At thyssenkrupp we offer customers the ideal material for their requirements: from dual-phase, retained austenite and complex-phase steels to martensitic and ferritic-bainitic steels.

When it comes to further developing advanced high-strength steels thyssenkrupp takes a multi-dimensional approach, because alongside higher strength and weight-reduction potential, processing properties and a differentiated view of formability are key factors in adding value to our customers’ products.

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3rd generation of AHSS

In order to be involved in the design of the next generation of modern AHSS, thyssenkrupp Steel is cooperating closely in its development with Japanese steel producer JFE Steel Corporation. The result: the highly ductile grades jetQ® 980 and jetQ® 1180 for geometrically complex crash structures in vehicle bodies.

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Dual-phase steel

The dual-phase steels DP-W® and DP-K® from thyssenkrupp are ideal for reducing weight and enhancing safety in modern cars.

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Retained-austenite steel (TRIP steel)

Retained-austenite steels RA-K® are modern, multi-phase steels which are characterized by the "TRIP'" effect when worked.

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Complex-phase steel

Complex-phase steels CP-W® and CP-K® offer very high strengths and yield points.

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Bainitic chassis steel

The hot-rolled bainitic chassis steel CH-W® with optimized hole expansion is ideal for complex cold-formed chassis parts.

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Ferritic-bainitic-phase steel

Hot-rolled ferritic-bainitic phase steels FB-W® are modern, multi-phase steels which exhibit minimum tensile strengths of 450 and 580 MPa in the thermomechanically rolled state.

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Martensitic-phase steel

Martensitic-phase steel MS-W® is a modern, high-strength, hot-rolled multiphase steel which has a very tensile strength of 1,180 and 1,400 MPa in thermomechanically rolled condition.

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Steel Europe AG

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse 100
47166 Duisburg
Postal address: 47161 Duisburg, Germany

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Steel Europe AG

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 100
47166 Duisburg
Postal address: 47161 Duisburg, Germany

Telephone: +49 (0)203 52-41048

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Steel Europe AG

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