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thyssenkrupp Steel Europe - Hot forming partner: Our automotive know-how

When automotive know-how makes dreamwork out of teamwork, then that's ...

Hot forming excellence for you

That’s our commitment and our promise: We will put all our experience as a pioneer of hot forming and partner to the auto industry into helping you tackle the big challenges in vehicle engineering.

Hot forming with thyssenkrupp means more than just innovative materials for cost-efficient weight reduction with steel and enhanced crash safety.

It also means tailored services backed by thyssenkrupp’s many years of experience as a hot forming partner to automotive OEMs.

Ultimately and most importantly it means greater safety and quality in your production processes. Because this is where our experience really makes a difference.

Why not contact us to find out more about our portfolio of materials for hot forming.

Advantages of hot forming

  • High cost and weight reduction potential in automotive engineering, in particular in safety-relevant structural parts
  • Highly complex part geometries can be realized
  • High dimensional accuracy of parts
  • Targeted control of part properties via process parameters

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Wide range of materials

MBW® – manganese-boron steel for hot forming

The hot-rolled, cold-rolled and coated manganese-boron steels in our MBW® range offer strengths from 500 to 2,000 MPa after press hardening:

  • Very high degrees of forming possible with high final strength
  • Hot-formed parts also display extremely low springback, making it possible to produce parts with extremely high dimensional accuracy
  • Very high potential for weight reduction in safety-relevant structural car parts
  • AS-coated MBW® steels are protected against the typical scaling that occurs during hot forming:
    • this extends the lifetime of the forming dies
    • AS coating has a barrier effect that also provides corrosion protection after hot forming
Product overview

Reliable part manufacture

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe - Hot forming partner: Our process expertise

As a partner for hot forming we offer not only the suitable materials and finishes but also process expertise to ensure efficient production processes and extremely reliable parts.

MBW® AS Pro – The next generation of hot forming

The innovative alloying concept of the AS Pro coating ensures significantly lower process-related hydrogen absorption during hot forming and provides lasting protection against embrittlement. In short: Reliable part manufacture and minimized failure risk thanks to MBW® AS Pro.

Prozess know-how

Tailored tempering, an established and patented process for hot forming, makes it possible to integrate different strength and elongation properties into different areas of the same monolithic part.

Wide range of services

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe - Hot forming partner: Our wide range of services for hot forming

With decades of experience in hot forming and as a proven partner to the auto industry, we are ideally placed to provide you with expert advice.


In addition to our range of materials and processes, our test center with state-of-the-art hot forming equipment enables us to reproduce the processes used in production on a laboratory scale. In this way we can provide extensive support during vehicle development – from part design to production readiness – through analyses (thermography, forming, simulation, etc.) and troubleshooting. We can also carry out FEM simulations to examine processes, part feasibility and microstructures.

The sum of our services provides a holistic understanding of materials and manufacturing, the ideal basis for you to build an efficient production process.

„Weight loss without dieting? Please ask our hot-forming experts!“

„Weight loss without dieting? Please ask our hot-forming experts!“

“With strengths up to 2,000 MPa, MBW® manganese-boron steels from thyssenkrupp Steel offers enormous potential in terms of weight savings in vehicle construction, especially in safety-related structural components. You can also take advantage of the range of consulting services we offer. These span from component design and materials analysis through to the assessment of customer-specific production processes.”

Our know-how for the automotive industry

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe - Hot forming partner: Our know-how for the automotive industry

With decades of experience in hot forming and a systematic focus on the automotive industry we can support you with our portfolio of MBW® products for hot forming, offering properties that open up great weight reduction potential particularly in safety-relevant structural parts.

You can also benefit from our extensive processing and process know-how to find the optimum process parameters for your individual production situation and make sure everything runs smoothly from the word go.

We would be pleased to advise you over the entire development and production period. Just get in touch with us


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Product Management Coated Products/Hot Forming

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

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