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e-business – Innovative solutions for our customers

With its comprehensive e-business solutions, the steel business of thyssenkrupp provides a number of useful tools facilitating your daily work routine.

e-commerce with SteelOnline – The online portal for your orders at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

Our e-commerce platform SteelOnline provides transparency of the order situation up to invoicing and supports the optimization of work processes. As a registered SteelOnline customer you are always able to call up or subscribe information by mail or trigger transactions.

SteelOnline registration

SteelOnline application

For further questions regarding SteelOnline you can either approach your sales contact person or the team E-Business &EDI.

Team E-Business Solutions
[email protected]

e-purchasing – the supplier and tender portal of thyssenkrupp

Use our e-purchasing platform to provide information about current tenders of the thyssenkrupp Group. As a registered supplier of the supplier and tender portal you also have the opportunity to present your company, including portfolio, to place orders with regard to the current tenders and examine your assessments.

To the supplier and tender portal e-purchasing

e-logistics – Our freight exchange and the transportation logistics system of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

Our Freight exchange allows you as the transportation service provider to participate in freight auctions and tenders of complete truck loads for the international transit of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG.

Our Transportation LOGistics system (TLOG) is responsible for the dispatch execution of steel goods, the transportation between the plants and the accounting and procurement of the logistics service.

To the freight exchange

To the transportation logistics system

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG
Bert Kloppert
Phone: +49 (0)203 52-40366
Service mailbox: [email protected]

Electronic Data Interchange EDI – The fully automatic data exchange with thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

With the Electronic Data Interchange, EDI for short, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe provides a fully automatic and secure real-time transfer of trading and process data between your and our company, for instance with regard to orders, inventories or invoices.

In consultation with the EDI team, you specify individually how often you would like to have which data at your disposal – whether weekly, several times a day or event-related. As a matter of course, the common formats for the transmission such as EDIFACT, ODETTE and VDA are supported by us. If needed, we gladly also develop a format individually tailored to your requirements as well as a respective technical connection.

In case of question regarding EDI, your contact person in Sales, our team E-Business & EDI as well as our EDI hotline is always available to you.

Team E-Business Solutions
[email protected]

EDI hotline (for technical issues)
Phone: +49 (0)203 52-47676
[email protected]

ProWeld – Know-how for welding fine-grain structural steels

To make full use of the potential of modern special structural steels, the welding parameters must be matched to the job. With ProWeld, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe provides its customers with a powerful tool for calculating welding parameters. ProWeld enables you to calculate minimum preheat temperature, cooling time and maximum hardness in the heat-affected zone, among other parameters. To use ProWeld, all you need to do is register on our website; there is no need to install any software.

Register for ProWeld on SteelOnline

Use ProWeld on SteelOnline

If you have any questions about ProWeld, please contact our sales staff.

Heavy Plate Unit
Telephone: +49 (0)203 52-75603

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