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Coiltech Germany 2023: Our electrical steel in Augsburg, Germany

thyssenkrupp Steel at Coiltech Germany 2023, Augsburg, Germany

Coiltech Germany

March 29 and 30, 2023 | Augsburg


Coiltech Germany in Augsburg

For two days, the experts from Automotive sales unit of thyssenkrupp Steel and thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel present new powercore® products and services for e-mobility, electric motors, generators and transformers.

The German edition of Coiltech is one of the most important trade show and conference in the field of Coil & Winding. The focus is on materials and machinery for the production of electric motors, generators, transformers and coil windings.

After the successful introduction of the fair on the German market in Ulm in 2022, the organizer has decided to implement the fair in Augsburg from 2023 due to the positive growth prospects.

We are there!

powercore® and powercore® Traction stand for electrical steel with the highest energy efficiency requirements for electric motors and generators. We supply high-quality branded materials to industry, household appliance manufacturers, power generators and the automotive industry worldwide, working closely with our partners.

As one of the global market leaders in non-grain oriented electrical steel, the automotive experts from the Duisburg-based company are getting e-mobility going:

  • powercore® Traction: grades specially developed and optimized to meet the requirements of highly efficient and powerful e-drives for long ranges and maximum driving dynamics
  • Material and process innovation
    • stabosol®: the highly reactive adhesive packaging stabosol® for energy-efficient electric drives. New system solution for manufacturing bonded stator and rotor stacks
    • bondal® E: the proven sandwich material for optimizing the acoustics of electric motors and their power control units

The electrical steel specialists of Gelsenkirchen-based Electrical Steel, an international premium manufacturer of grain-oriented (GO) electrical steel products and market leader in Europe, presented new products and services:

  • Top grades: Technologically sophisticated top powercore® grades, which are characterized by particularly low core losses and thus achieve high efficiencies in current conversion. The ultra-thin electrical steel, no thicker than 0.23 mm, are used primarily in modern high-efficiency and low-noise transformers.
  • inTrafo software: New software solution for designing and optimizing transformer cores according to IEC standards and global efficiency regulations. The software enables the calculation of the transformer core using different grain-oriented electrical steel grades in the same core. The result: best and most cost-effective core material combination to minimize no-load losses.
  • Innovative powercore® Rotate grades: Grain-oriented electrical steel for high-efficiency electric motors and generators. New drive concepts for e-vehicles, such as axial flux motors made from powercore® Rotate material, can increase power density and thus achieve greater vehicle range.

powercore® and powercore® Traction are our contribution to greater energy efficiency, sustainable mobility on rail and road, and the generation of renewable energy.

Coiltech Germany 2023 in Augsburg

Coiltech Germany is the most qualified electromechanical Meeting-Point in its sector. The range of products offered by companies that exhibit at Coiltech covers all the production steps of electric motors, generators, electric pumps, transformers, and e -mobility solutions.

Coiltech Germany 2023 in figures:

  • more than 300 exhibitors
  • 3 exhibition halls

The dates:

  • March 29 and 30, 2023
  • Augsburg, Germany

Opening hours:

  • Wednesday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Free entry (with a registration)

Click here for the official Coiltech Germany site:

Our electrical steel is also available as bluemint® Steel

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Non-grain oriented electrical steel powercore®

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