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pladur® Deluxe: matt-look facades

pladur® Deluxe is available in two color collections: Here you see a selection from the free collection.

pladur® Deluxe has a very high-quality matt finish that eliminates virtually all reflections. The result is a calm, even appearance that really brings out the color of the surface. For matt-look facades or interior applications: The organic coil-coated material is available in two color collections, with combinations of all colors possible within the individual collections.

With pladur® Deluxe, we also offer you the ideal material solution for housings in the heating, air conditioning and ventilation industry as well as for e-mobility and solar applications. Discover more!

pladur® Deluxe for facades and interior applications: noticeably discreet in matt colors

pladur® Deluxe: matt-look facades

Low-reflection attractiveness, inside and out

The attractiveness of pladur® Deluxe lies partly in the wide choice of matt, freely combinable colors and partly in the broad variety of possible applications. Our material is ideally suited for matt-look facade cladding for exterior applications as well as for wall and ceiling cladding inside buildings.

With so many colors and forms available, pladur® Deluxe is ideal for all high-quality building projects: from newbuilds to harmonious extensions to comprehensive modernization and renovation work.

The “bauhausstil naturmatt“ color collection is exclusively available through our partner Laukien. All nine hues have a particularly high-quality matt finish and a high level of color saturation.

If you are interested in product samples and/or color cards, please contact us.

Matt-look facades with many advantages

A wide range of colors and virtually no reflections: pladur® Deluxe offers architects and building owners numerous advantages and special features in terms of both appearance and performance. Here’s a selection:

Low reflections

The low-gloss surface with special texture provides a smooth look that brings the colors to the fore.

Wide range of colors

pladur® Deluxe is available in two collections, providing a wide array of possibilities for targeted color choices or combinations.

Excellent forming properties

Panels, liner trays, edgings − pladur® Deluxe can be formed by almost any method, including bending, drawing, press braking, profiling, stamping and roll forming.

The environment stays friendly

For us, including the entire life cycle of a product in our plans and actions is second nature. That’s why we always select materials and production methods that are climate- and resource-friendly. Our pladur® products comply with the relevant REACH regulations. The organic coatings are completely free of chromates and CMR substances. We also do everything we can to ensure a very long service life for the material, which includes its recyclability. So a decision in favor of pladur® Deluxe is a decision in favor of sustainability.

threestar***: top quality pladur® Deluxe

We offer pladur® Deluxe in the highest quality − in the threestar*** category.

The quality class that impresses with the highest values in nearly all respects

pladur® is available in three quality classes making it the perfect solution for all types of multistory building – be it a day-care center for children or a hospital, a luxury hotel or a residential/office complex. The most important criteria for classification are UV resistance, resistance to mechanical stress and the duration of protection against corrosion, as well as the material and visual properties of the surface texture. threestar*** means that we offer you pladur® Deluxe in superior quality, which convinces in almost all points with the highest values.

Technical information

Delivery forms and
from_to in mm
from_to in mm
from_to in mm
Strip 0.45−1.50 600−1,500
Sheet 0.45−1.50 600−1,500 450−6,000
* Special/project colors from 500 m2. Use of panels from same batch recommended. Further sizes on request.


Gloss Generally matt: 2 to 3 gloss units
Corrosion resistance/ length of protection RC3/C3H to C4L
Fire resistance A2 (to DIN 4102/in accordance with approval Z-56.426-65)
RUV class RUV 3

Approvals and certificates

Environmentally aware
pladur®eco-friendly coating.
Reliable processes
Systematic management.
Safe products
Monitored and tested quality.

General inquiry


** Mandatory


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