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  • The "Packaging Steel” app gives users an overview of all available packaging steel grades produced by thyssenkrupp and their specifications. The app also spotlights the latest innovations from the world’s largest production site for packaging steel.

  • The new, free “Packaging Steel” app allows all users an quick and easy access to information all about thyssenkrupp in Andernach. Germany’s sole packaging steel producer has gathered in this all relevant content on its product.

  • The barcode, which is printed continuously over the entire length of the coil, makes it possible for steel manufacturers to provide important additional information on the product in order to track the quality of the product meter-by-meter.

  • The barcode is printed along the entire coil.

  • thyssenkrupp has already performed a successful first trial run and delivered the coded coils to several customers.

  • Submerged arc welding: ProWeld calculates recommendations for the welding process.

  • Modernized pickling line at thyssenkrupp in Duisburg-Süd improves hot-rolled steel quality

  • Modernized pickling line at thyssenkrupp in Duisburg-Süd improves hot-rolled steel quality

  • Modernized pickling line at thyssenkrupp in Duisburg-Süd improves hot-rolled steel quality

  • A small part that can do a lot is the rivet, e.g. on a can. This metal part has to be soft and flexible in order to press the ring upward, yet at the same time hard and solid, so that the connection to the lid holds. For this application, thyssenkrupp Packaging Steel has developed an improved solution called “Solidflex”.

  • New executive board member at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG: Dr. Arnd Köfler appointed Chief Technology Officer

  • Re-start: The President of the Autonomous Community of Valencia, Ximo Puig Ferrer, pushed the button, with whom the plant begins the production again.

Usage hints

We gladly provide free of charge the images included in our media library for use within daily use in the press (including magazines published weekly or monthly). In any case, condition precedent for this is that when using them, you refer to our company as the source in the immediate vicinity of the image material used and in the customary manner (© thyssenkrupp Steel Europe). If a different author is indicated, this must be stated.

You are only authorized to process images to the extent that this is technically mandatory for the specific publication (e.g. black/white instead of in color in a monochromatic daily newspaper) and/or to the extent you only change the size proportionally, without using only part of the image, or to stretch, compress or modify it in any other way or to deform it.

Every other processing and use is only admissible after prior written approval (email to: We request to be provided with an author’s copy free of charge and promptly after the respective publication of print media, with films with a digital version in a customary playback format on a generally readable data carrier. Where the image material is used online, you shall provide us with the detailed URL of the respective website and make this website accessible to us.

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