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  • Dr. Aruna Sharma (Secretary Ministry of Steel, India) and Dr. Jens Overrath (CEO thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel)

  • Electrical Steel plays a key role in the energy transmission

  • Milestone for the production of grain-oriented Electrical Steel in India

  • Dr. Jens Overrath (CEO thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel)

  • English version

  • German version

  • Study confirms: tinplate packaging offers a high degree of recyclability

  • Torch cutting chambers

  • Similar to working with clay, high-strength steel is made to “flow”. Thanks to this innovative technology, customers of thyssenkrupp can reduce the weight of steel parts by up to 50 percent. For the automotive industry this is highly relevant.

  • “Forming steel like pottery” – the new hot flow-forming machine at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe.

  • Thomas Flöth (left), senior applications engineer at thyssenkrupp, and Prof. Hans Ferkel, head of the thyssenkrupp research unit, inaugurate the new flow-forming machine.

  • (f.l.t.r.) Federal Minister of Labor Andrea Nahles, CHRO thyssenkrupp AG Oliver Burkhard, CHRO thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG Thomas Schlenz.

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