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  • High-tech steel from Spain for the southern European automotive industry

  • Rasselstein Express

  • Innovative steel wheels for China

  • Combine harvester in action

  • The MAX CUT cutterbar, developed by CLAAS, achieved 2nd place in the Steel Products category at the 2018 Steel Innovation Prize.

  • Signing in Hangzhou

  • Lightweight and steel design wheels. Here as a result of thyssenkrupps InCar plus project.

  • The redesigned booth will boast a charging station for electric vehicles as well as a stator. Moreover, visitors can test the newly conceived customer App and dive into a virtual reality world.

  • This year, visitors at the Coilwinding trade fair can dive into the virtual reality world of thyssenkrupp and gather hands-on experience with the products of thyssenkrupp in real time in a computer-generated world.

  • Electrical steel plays a key role in the energy revolution. Being a special steel grade, electrical steel comes to the fore wherever electrical energy is efficiently generated, converted and used. The best example of this is the area of electromobility.

  • Electrical steel from thyssenkrupp is an indispensable material for power supply and electromobility, as can be seen at the international trade fair “Coilwinding” in Berlin.

  • On the “Day of Packaging”, students learn about the sustainability of packaging steel

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