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Your apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

Apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp Steel

Are you interested in commercial topics? Or more in technical tasks? Or IT? Or logistics? Or a trade? Or...or…or?

With our many commercial and technical apprenticeship opportunities you’re sure to find one that matches your interests. At all our sites in Duisburg, Bochum, Dortmund, Siegerland and Finnentrop – and around 20 different apprenticeships in total… It’s your choice!

Good to know: All our apprenticeships have two complementary focuses: a theoretical part that you will complete primarily at a vocational school or college and a practical part that you will complete in the operating facilities, workshops and departments at our company or in our training center. Here you will work on a project-oriented basis, learn various workflows and complete tasks in collaboration with colleagues from other areas.

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What can you expect? A working environment that not only furthers your practical knowledge, but also your personal development. We want responsible employees who have broad-based professional qualifications and can express their views in a confident and team-oriented way. Sounds good? That’s because it is: Our apprenticeships meet the progressive requirements of our society and offer you a secure professional future.

Irrespective of which apprenticeship you choose, we offer you attractive conditions:

  • Personal and intensive support
  • Training and development measures
  • Work in a team
  • Regular working hours
  • Good apprenticeship compensation
  • A wide range of opportunities after your apprenticeship

Apply now for an apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe to start on September 1, 2024.

To our apprenticeship advertisements

The first step to a career at Steel

Technical apprenticeship

You like working with your hands and are interested in technical topics? You like being in factories and production facilities? You’re more Team Lego than Team Monopoly? Then a technical apprenticeship is right for you!

Technical apprenticeships

Commercial apprenticeship

You like working at a desk and with a computer? You’re interested in business and commercial topics? You’re more Team Monopoly than Team Lego? Then a commercial apprenticeship is right for you!

Commercial apprenticeships

We offer the following apprenticeship opportunities at our locations


  • Industrial electronics technician (m/f/o)
  • Electronics technician for automation technology ((m/f/o)
  • Mechatronics specialist (m/f/o)
  • Industrial mechanic (m/f/o)
  • Construction mechanic (m/f/o)
  • Machine tool engineer (m/f/o)
  • Metal process engineer for steel forming (m/f/o)
  • Metal process engineer for metallurgy (m/f/o)
  • Industrial clerk (m/f/o)
  • Office administration clerk (m/f/o)
  • IT specialist (m/f/o)
  • Railway operations employee (m/f/o)
  • Chemical laboratory assistant (m/f/o)
  • Bargeman (m/f/o)
  • Materials tester (m/f/o)
  • Safety and security specialist (m/f/o)
  • Warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/o)

Bochum (Castroper Strasse and Essener Strasse)

  • Industrial electronics technician (m/f/o)
  • Industrial mechanic (m/f/o)
  • Metal process engineer for steel forming (m/f/o)
  • Office administration clerk (m/f/o)
  • Machine tool engineer (m/f/o)


  • Industrial electronics technician (m/f/o)
  • Industrial mechanic (m/f/o)
  • Metal process engineer for steel forming (m/f/o)
  • Materials tester (m/f/o)
  • Warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/o)
  • Office administration clerk (m/f/o)

Kreuztal, Siegerland

  • Industrial electronics technician (m/f/o)
  • Mechatronics specialist (m/f/o)
  • Industrial mechanic (m/f/o)
  • Metal process engineer for steel forming (m/f/o)
  • Office administration clerk (m/f/o)


  • Industrial electronics technician (m/f/o)
  • Industrial mechanic (m/f/o)
  • Metal process engineer for metallurgy (m/f/o)
  • Office administration clerk (m/f/o)

Application tips

The right way to reach your goal

You’ve selected your apprenticeship and found the right place to do it. Now there’s only one obstacle between you and your goal: a successful application. Here you can find out what happens during the application process and what you need to be aware of:

How does an application process work?

Naturally, first of all we need your application. You should submit it online via our applicant management system. If your application wins us over we will invite you to an aptitude test in which we will review your skills and qualifications. If you pass this first step you will be invited to a personal interview so we can get to know you better. If you can win us over here too, the last step is an appointment with the company doctor who will check that you are fit to do the job. The only thing that’s still missing then is your signature on the apprenticeship contract and you can get started on the agreed date. We look forward to meeting you!

When should I apply?

To ensure you secure one of the highly popular apprenticeship places, you should apply as early as possible. After all, an application process takes time. So you should apply nine months before completing your school leaving certificate. You can see which apprenticeships are available in our advertisements. It’s important to plan enough time to prepare your application documents carefully – it can take a few weeks.

What does a perfect application look like?

It’s really important that your application documents are complete. Easier said than done, you think? No – it’s actually really easy: The online application guides you smoothly through the process. Make sure you have the following documents available in digital form: cover letter, tabular résumé, your most recent reference and internship certificates.

What should I avoid doing at all costs?

There is of course a difference between applying for an apprenticeship position or a position as a manager. We understand that it’s your first application. Nevertheless, we will mark you down for untidy documents, lots of spelling mistakes or missing information. It’s OK to let your parents, teachers or experienced friends help you a bit. After all – four eyes can see better than two!

How can I prepare for tests and interviews?

If you can keep to two rules, you’re sure to convince us that you are the right apprentice for us! So you should simply bear the following in mind when it comes to the aptitude test, where we to test your knowledge and skills, and the personal interview:

Firstly: Stay calm and be yourself. Clothing and punctuality are also very important. The first impression you make on our HR staff is often a deciding factor. So smart clothing is a must. But you should feel comfortable in what you wear as otherwise you won’t come across as authentic. Your appearance should not be too casual or too styled. This and being on time shows us that you are motivated and taking the meeting seriously.

Secondly: Find out about your dream job and thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG. You can do so via our websites, the homepages of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce and our contacts.

Starting your apprenticeship

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