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Sales and Logistics

Our plus point – competent advice from our direct sales team

We assign a dedicated sales team to look after all your needs. For any aspect of Order Management or Key Account Management, your contact will be there for you, providing prompt and professional assistance.

Sales contact persons


Manager Sales Europe

ThyssenKrupp Contact

Alexander Schoen

General Manager Sales Europe, thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH

Telephone: +49 2632 3097-2423

Fax: +49 2632 3097-152423

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Here you find an overview of all sales contacts.

Manager Sales Overseas

ThyssenKrupp Contact

Dr. Walter Henkel

General Manager Sales Overseas, thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH

Telephone: +49 2632 3097-2436

Fax: +49 2632 3097-2416

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Here you find an overview of all sales contacs.

We tailor the logistics to match your needs

Solving logistics challenges quickly and effectively is part of our mission. Whether it’s coils or packages – with Rasselstein, you are in good hands when it comes to shipping freight the fastest, safest and at the lowest cost from our Andernach site to any global destination

We will always seek out the most economical and ecologically expedient shipping mode. Thus, about 95 percent of our exports are sent to North Sea ports by inland waterway ships. Here they are directly transshipped to ocean-going vessels for delivery to destinations all over the world.

Logictics contact persons


Our logistics team is at your service for all logistical issues. The logistics department can be reached via the sales department or directly by Oliver Pellin.

Manager Logictics

ThyssenKrupp Contact

Oliver Pellin

Head of Transportation Management, thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH

Telephone: +49 2632 3097-2438

Fax: +49 2632 3097-2248

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