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Trade press, 2023-03-24, 02:00 pm

Coiltech Germany: on March 29 and 30, thyssenkrupp will be presenting its powercore® electrical steel strips, focusing on electric mobility and the energy turnaround

  • thyssenkrupp Steel and thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel will showcase their product portfolio of non-grain-oriented (NO) and grain-oriented (KO) electrical steel strips, focusing on the mobility and energy turnarounds
  • On March 29 and 30, 2023 in Augsburg, Hall 1, booth E14

Coiltech Germany is the international meeting place for specialists in the coil and winding industry. Over two days, experts from thyssenkrupp Steel and thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel will also be showing off their new products and services in tune with the megatrends of the energy and mobility revolution, and will be available for technical discussions. thyssenkrupp Steel is one of the leading premium suppliers of non-grain-oriented (NO) electrical steel in Europe, while thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel is the European market leader for grain-oriented (KO) electrical steel, with global activities and locations in Gelsenkirchen (Germany), Isbergues (France) and Nashik (India). Given this broad base, thyssenkrupp's steel arm is an important partner when it comes to generating and distributing renewable energies, and is playing a key role in shaping the future of electric mobility.

Coiltech is one of the most important international trade shows and conferences in the coil & winding sector. It focuses on materials and machinery for the production of electric motors, generators, transformers and coil windings. Following the successful launch of the trade show on the German market in Ulm in 2022, the organizer realized there are positive growth prospects and decided to repeat the event in 2023, although this time in Augsburg.

powercore®: energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and generating renewable energy

The powercore® and powercore® Traction brands are grades of electrical steel with the highest energy efficiency standards for electric motors and generators. thyssenkrupp supplies high-quality premium materials to industrial companies, home appliance manufacturers, power generators and the automotive industry worldwide.

The Duisburg NO experts with proven automotive expertise are bringing electric mobility up to speed: steels of the powercore® Traction brand have been specially developed to meet the requirements of highly efficient and powerful electric drives. Optimized grades are available for long ranges and maximum driving dynamics. Visitors to the thyssenkrupp booth will also be able to find out about innovations in materials and processes such as the highly reactive adhesive packaging, stabosol®, for highly energy-efficient electric drives or bondal® E for acoustic optimization of electric drive motors.

thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel in Gelsenkirchen is the only European supplier of top grades, and its electrical steel specialists will be presenting new products and services: technologically sophisticated top grades of the powercore® brand which are characterized by particularly low core losses, and thus achieve high efficiency levels in current conversion. The ultra-thin electrical steel strips, no thicker than 0.23 mm, are used primarily in modern high-efficiency and low-noise transformers. Visitors will also be able to find out more about the inTrafo software: a new software solution for designing and optimizing transformer cores according to IEC standards and global efficiency regulations. The software allows the transformer core calculation to be performed using different grain-oriented electrical steel grades in the same core. The customer receives the best and also the most cost-effective core material combination to minimize no-load losses. thyssenkrupp will also be presenting innovative powercore® Rotate grades. These are grain-oriented electrical steel strips for use in high-efficiency electric motors and generators. Power density can be increased, and thus longer vehicle ranges achieved, with new drive concepts for electric vehicles such as axial flux motors made from the powercore® Rotate material.

Presentations by thyssenkrupp:
Wednesday, March 29, 2023, 11:25 a.m. in Hall 2
Dr. Mustafa Seckin Aydin: Axial flux motor technology – bluemint® powercore® for higher efficiency, more torque and reduced CO2 footprint

Wednesday, March 29, 2023, 15:25 a.m. in Hall 1
Martin Berendt: CO2 reduced electrical steel for transformers and motors

Time for expert discussions: At Coiltech in Augsburg, Hall 1, booth E14, thyssenkrupp Steel and thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel will be showcasing new products and services around the megatrends of energy and mobility turnarounds.

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