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Trade press, 2015-11-04, 10:04 am

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe presents SCALUR+Z: New product with very close thickness tolerances helps customers save money

The average human hair is 0.06 millimeters thick. And that’s exactly the thickness tolerance that ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe now guarantees its customers with the hot-dip galvanized product SCALUR®+Z. What this means is that the sheet thickness specified by a customer is achieved to an accuracy of plus or minus 0.06 millimeters along the length of the coil. True precision. The tolerances of comparable hot-dip coated steels are in some cases several times higher.

The advantages of SCALUR®+Z are clear: Customers get more for their money. Based on a 15-ton coil, 60 more meters of strip can be shipped to the customer with the new product. That means more material for more parts. It also means greater efficiency in customers’ production processes, because the longer strip translates into shorter retooling times and less downtime in production. Another plus point for SCALUR®+Z is a significant reduction in part weight, also thanks to the close thickness tolerances. Applications for SCALUR®+Z include container bottoms, stampings, drawer runners and profiles.

Visit us at Blechexpo 2015 from November 3 to 6 in Stuttgart, hall 4, booth 4308.

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